Telephone Tip: setting an expiration date for your vacation greeting

Use the greeting expiration feature of the voicemail system to set an end date and time for your vacation or "alternate" greeting.  If you specify a date for your alternate greeting to expire, then the system will automatically revert to your standard greeting.Here's how:

  1. Press the 'messages' button on your phone and enter your PIN to connect to the voicemail system Tip: If you want to skip straight to setting the expiration date for your alternate greeting, press 4121
  2. Press 4 for 'setup options'
  3. Press 1 to 'change your greetings'
  4. Press 2 to 'turn on your alternate greeting'
  5. Press 1 to 'set an end date and time'
  6. You can set the end date in days from now by entering the corresponding number of days (1-8) or 9 to set a specific date. To enter a specific date, first enter the month as a two-digit number followed by #.  Then enter the day of the month as a two-digit number followed by #.
  7. Enter the time.  As an example, for 8:30 AM, enter 830 and then at the prompt select 1 for 'AM'
  8. It will playback your alternate greeting.  If you are happy with it, you are done.  Otherwise, press 1 to 're-record this greeting'.

Your alternate greeting is now in effect and set to expire at the specified date and time.For previous telephone tips published in Staff Notes Daily, please see the following page:Phone Tips

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April 27, 2011