UCAR President's Council Meeting - 22 April 2011

Present for all agenda items: Rick Anthes, Jack Fellows, Maura Hagan, Katy Schmoll, and Roger Wakimoto
Present for Item 1: Delaine Orendorff and Bob Roesch
Present for Item 2: Susan Friberg, Aneka Finley, Cindy Schmidt, and Bob Roesch
Present for Item 4: Helen Moshak
Present for item 5: Cindy Schmidt

To view previous and current summary notes, click on:  https://www.ucar.edu/inside/internal/pc.

We convened at 8:00 am in the Fleischmann Building Board Room.

1.       Compensation Proposal.

Delaine went over the compensation proposal for next year.  Although we agreed that there would be no salary increases in FY12 (except for reclassifications), it is important to maintain salary ranges that are based on our external peer group surveys.  HR recommended and the Council approved a 2.0% range movement.

2.       May Board of Trustees Meeting.

We discussed plans for the May Board of Trustees and related committee meetings.

3.       Update on the NSF NCAR Science Review.

Roger updated the Council on the NSF reviews of NCAR.  The Lab reports are nearly complete and in the hands of NSF.  The dry runs have been good, and overall the preparations are going well.

4.       Distinguished NCAR Senior Scientist Honor.

The President’s Council discussed the creation of an honorary title for NCAR’s long-standing and most accomplished senior scientists. The proposed Distinguished NCAR Senior Scientist designation would be reserved for some small subset of the cohort of active NCAR Senior Scientists who demonstrate outstanding achievements and contributions. The honor would also require a formal nomination and approval process. The Council asked Helen Moshak and Maura to draft a detailed proposal, including nomination criteria, evaluation procedures, and approval processes, for further consideration by the President’s Council at a future meeting.

5.       Planning for the NSF Director’s Visit 7 June. 

We prepared a draft one-day agenda for the visit of the NSF Director Subra Suresh on June 7th.  It will be patterned after the successful visit of NSF Director Bement in 2004.

6.       Unstructured Discussion. 

Katy noted that some hotel chains give points to employees who book meetings in their hotels and that this could lead to conflicts of interest. The President’s Council agreed that controls need to be put in place to ensure that decisions are made on the basis of best value and not personal gain. Katy was given the action to put proper controls in place.

We adjourned at 12:45 pm.

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