The GCOS Reference Upper Air Network (GRUAN): Measurement uncertainty, validation, and long term trends

Holger Vömel

GRUAN Lead Center, Germany

Historical observations of atmospheric column characteristics struggle with uncertainties arising from changes in instrumentation and observational practices be they from in-situ soundings, ground-based remote sensing instrumentation or satellites. This makes it very difficult to determine changes for a large number of climatically relevant parameters in particular temperature and humidity. Without extra efforts similar issues will pervade the future record from the global observing system.

The GCOS Reference Upper Air Network is a recent initiative to address this issue for future observations of upper air essential climate variables and this presentation will discuss the rationale, progress thus far and future plans.

Specific focus will be given to what defines a reference observation and how this definition can be implemented in a real world observing network. Key aspects of a GRUAN measurement will be outlined, which revolve around traceable uncertainty estimates and measurement technology redundancy to allow independent cross-checking.

Thursday 28, April 2011, 3:30 PMRefreshments 3:15 PMNCAR-Foothills Laboratory3450 Mitchell LaneBldg 2 Auditorium (Rm1001)

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April 21, 2011 to April 28, 2011