NCAR & UCAR In The News

The NCAR/UCAR Media Office has issued the following news releases this week:

Climate change poses major risks for unprepared cities

A new study led by Patricia Romero Lankao (RAL) concludes that cities worldwide are failing to take necessary steps to protect residents from the likely impacts of climate change, even though billions of urban dwellers are vulnerable to heat waves, sea level rise, and other changes associated with warming temperatures.

Read this story on Reuters.

Explore Wild Earth Saturday at NCAR

Kick off Earth Day celebrations with Wild Earth Saturday on April 16 at the Mea Lab from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This free family event is co-sponsored by Wild Bear Mountain Ecology Center, will be held at NCAR’s Mesa Lab.

Read this story on the UCAR website.

Will this event be webcast to the public by NCAR|UCAR?: 
Announcement Timing: 
April 8, 2011 to April 11, 2011