Wildfire Mitigation at the Mesa Lab and Fleischmann Building

At its March meeting, the President’s Council reviewed a proposal by Anchor Point for wildfire mitigation and forest management oversight of the Mesa Lab campus and agreed to a two-year phased program. Mitigation efforts will begin this spring around the Fleishmann Building, which is considered to have the highest risk.The proposal recommends lightly thinning some of the trees on the campus and pruning dead wood from the lower parts of others. The work would improve the appearance and health of the forest and reduce the fire danger to the remaining trees.Matt McMullen will discuss the mitigation project in a Guest Column in the May/June edition of Staff Notes.For further information please contact Matt McMullen, Director of Facilities Management & Sustainability, ext 2060 or Kimberly Kosmenko, Sustainability Program Manager, ext 8532.

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March 22, 2011 to March 23, 2011