UCAR President's Council Summary Notes - 11 March 2011

Present for all agenda items: Rick Anthes, Jack Fellows, Maura Hagan, Katy Schmoll, and Roger WakimotoPresent for Item 1: Meg Austin, Delaine Orendorff, and Bob RoeschPresent for Item 2: Mary CampagnoloPresent for Item 3: Dave Ottenger (Anchor Point)Present for Items 3 and 4: Matt McMullenPresent for Items 5-7: Peter Backlund, Susan Friberg, Aneka Finley, and Cindy SchmidtPresent for Item 9: Peter Backlund

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We convened at 8:00 am in the Fleischmann Building. 

1.       Salary for Offsite Employees.

The issue of comparable pay for UCAR employees located in other cities (e.g. Washington) and federal employees doing similar jobs comes up from time to time.  The Council decided that we would not treat offsite UCAR employees differently than UCAR employees in Boulder.  Specific cases of inequity for all employees will be considered on a case by case basis.

2.       Assessment of IT Governance.

UCAR’s internal auditor, Mary Campagnolo, led a discussion of how UCAR governs and manages its IT functions. Mary has been asked by the UCAR Board of Trustees Audit and Finance Committee to do the assessment. Mary and the members of the President’s Council discussed the distributed nature of IT operations at UCAR and agreed that it made sense for our organization. The PC expressed interest in seeing the new ITC Strategic Plan.

3.       Followup Proposal for Fire Mitigation.

Matt McMullen went over a proposal for mitigation of wildfire risks around the Fleischmann Building and the Mesa Lab campus.  He proposed a four-year, phased program that would start this spring with mitigation efforts around the Fleishmann Building, which is considered to have the highest risk.  The Council asked Matt if the four-year plan could be compressed to two or three years.  Matt said he thought this was possible and will look into it.  Meanwhile he will begin work on an RFP for the mitigation actions to begin this spring.  Staff and the public will be kept apprised of the rationale and plans for the mitigation efforts.

4.       Sustainability Management Business Plan.

Matt McMullen presented a summary of a comprehensive plan for making UCAR practices more sustainable.  The plan includes making buildings more energy efficient and a variety of other measures to reduce energy consumption, reduce our carbon footprint, and reduce expenses.

5.       Promises in the Proposal. 

Rick went over the promises we made in the 2007 proposal for the management of NCAR.  We updated the action items and accomplishments that we have made so far to address these promises.  This exercise will likely be useful for the NCAR/UCAR management review to be held next October.

6.       Debrief of the February Board of Trustees Meeting. 

Since Rick had summarized the February Board and related meetings at the UCAR Management Committee the previous day, we did not consider this item at the Council meeting.

7.       PACUR Agenda for April, May Board of Trustees Agenda, and SPEC Role in the Mid-course Assessment. 

Rick led a discussion of the agendas for the PACUR meeting at Florida State University on 19 April, the Board and related committee meetings in Washington on 17-19 May, and how SPEC will be involved in the NCAR and UCAR reviews this year as well as the mid-course assessment of the NCAR 2009 strategic plan (a promise in the proposal).  A lot of discussion centered around Congressional visits by the Trustees in May, and several alternative ways of incorporating these visits into the agenda were proposed.  Cindy and Jack will discuss these and prepare a recommendation for the Council to consider.

After discussion, we decided to invite SPEC and the NCAR Advisory Committee to carry out the mid-course assessment of progress made on the NCAR strategic plan during the period 16-26 August.  The SPEC would not be charged with reviewing NCAR and UCAR because NSF is carrying out this review.  However, the SPEC, with the help of the NCAR Advisory Council, will focus on the mid-course assessment.  They will write a report, which we can use as part of the NSF management review in mid-October.  The SPEC and Advisory Council will be polled for availability during this time period, and we will select a two-day period based on maximum availability.

8.       NCAR Reviews. 

We did not discuss this item since Roger had briefed the UMC on the reviews the day before.

9.       Update on UCAR Communications Director Search.

Jack highlighted the search to date.  We had over 120 applications.  A small group of finalists will be reviewed in mid-March, with selection of the top candidate made shortly after the interviews.  Jack mentioned that Terry Woods has very ably led this effort, and the selection advisory group has been outstanding (Jeff Kiehl, Cindy Schmidt, Peter Backlund, Meg McClellan, Carle Churgin, and Yvonne Mondragon).

10.    Unstructured Discussion.

Rick briefed the Council on the Board of Trustees’ plan to search for a new UCAR President.  Jack led a discussion of the plans to search for a new Director of Education and Outreach, because Susan Foster is stepping down in May or June. This will be an internal search; and we discussed:  1) possible selection advisory group members, 2) issues about the process itself, and 3) a rough schedule for recommending candidates to the President’s Council.

We adjourned at 12:00 noon.

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