UCAR President's Council Summary Notes 18 February 2011

Present for all agenda items: Rick Anthes, Jack Fellows, Maura Hagan, Katy Schmoll, and Roger Wakimoto

Present for Item 1: Matt McMullen and Kimberly Kosmenko

Present for all or parts of Item 2: Aaron Andersen, Rena Brasher-Alleva, Caron Chambers, Susan Foster, Susan Friberg, Marion Hammond, Dee Huddle, Janice Kauvar, Mary Marlino, Hanne Mauriello, Matt McMullen, Marla Meehl, Yvonne Mondragon, Susan Montgomery-Hodge, Amy Moore, Raj Pandya, Jeff Reaves, Bob Tan, Lucy Warner, Shawn Winkelman, and Justin Young

Present for Item 3: Meg McClellan, Susan Friberg and Aneka Finley

Present for Item 4: Susan Friberg and Aneka Finley

To view previous and current summary notes, click on:  https://www.ucar.edu/inside/internal/pc.

We convened at 8:00 am in the Fleischmann Building. 

1.       Boulder B-Cycle. 

Matt McMullen went over plans for setting up bike docking stations on UCAR’s Center Green and Foothills campus as part of the Boulder B-Cycle program.  UCAR employees will be able to borrow the bike free of charge for up to one hour while riding the bike to another station.  In addition to the convenience to staff, the program complements our overall energy- and carbon-reduction planning for our campuses.  UCAR would be getting an Early Adopter Discount; the annual costs will be about $40,000.  Matt’s presentation may be found at: https://www.ucar.edu/inside/internal/pc/B-Cycle.pdf. The Council approved the plan for a one-year trial basis.

2.       Review of Indirect Cost Budgets for FY12.

Justin Young led a discussion of proposed FY-12 indirect costs at three levels, down three percent from FY11, flat to FY11, and up three percent from FY11.  The benefits pool was the same for all scenarios, down from FY11.  Because of the salary freeze for FY12 and projected modest increases in the MTDC for NCAR and UCP, most indirect rates will go down in FY12 in all three scenarios.  The Council agreed to accept the proposals for flat funding for FY12 and added a few high-priority items from the plus three percent scenarios.  The result will still be a significant reduction in UCAR G&A rates and the UCP indirect cost rate. NCAR will have a modest increase in its indirect cost rates, largely because of a reduction in their prior-year variance. Jack asked for a few days to revisit any possible MDTC modifications. Katy will work with Justin to prepare the final proposal based on these decisions.

3.       22-24 February Board and Related Committee Meetings.

We reviewed the agendas for the February Board meeting.  The agendas and materials have been mailed out.

4.       NSF Review.

Roger provided a brief update on the NSF Science Review of NCAR.  Dates for the site visits have been finalized.  The first review, of HAO, will take place in two weeks.

We discussed involving SPEC in the NSF review of NCAR and UCAR management in October (the week of 17-21 October). SPEC could also lead the “mid-course” assessment of the NCAR Strategic Plan that was promised in the proposal. SPEC could participate in the open parts of the NSF management review, review all of the Lab reviews and materials, meet with NCAR and UCAR staff, and form an integrated assessment, which would represent both the SPEC review required by the UCAR By-Laws and the mid-course assessment promised in the proposal. The Council thought this was a good idea. (After the meeting Rick called Steve Nelson and presented this idea. Steve thought it was quite reasonable, and the SPEC might also want to comment on issues raised by the NSF reviews.)  We will discuss this plan with SPEC in a conference call to be scheduled soon after the Board meeting.

5.       Unstructured Discussion.

Maura expressed a concern that export controls was taking up an increasing amount of time by administrators. We will revisit a discussion of this issue at a summer meeting to see if the burden subsides with time.

We adjourned at 1:00 pm.

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February 23, 2011 to February 24, 2011