Scientists Needed for the "Whoa! Dude! OTMS Science Expo"

Scientists Needed for the "Whoa! Dude! OTMS Science Expo" @ Overland Trail Middle School in Brighton, April 21, 2011.

Scientists are sought to share their research and expertise with budding middle-school scientists in two
short workshops of approximately 50 minutes on April 21, 2011, from 7:50 am to 11:00 am. The event features ISS/Shuttle Astronaut Joe
Tanner as a  keynote speaker and is seeking NCAR scientists to help make this day even more memorable. Presentations may include slides, hands-on activities,
artifacts from your work, video clips, your personal story, and time for student questions.

If you are interested in bringing real-world science to middle school students, the Office of Education and Outreach can
assist you with appropriate and fun activities related to your work. Please contact Teri Eastburn at extension 1152 if you are interested.  Thank you.

Teresa A. Eastburn
UCAR Office of Education and Outreach
Coordinator, Public Visitor Program
303.497.1152 (work)
303.497.1172 (fax)
303.808.3422 (cell)

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