Wildfire Mitigation at the Mesa Lab and Fleischmann Building

At its January meeting, the President’s Council agreed to a strategy presented by Anchor Point Fire Management for mitigating the threat of wildfire damage to the Mesa Lab buildings and equipment, and of danger to staff and public visitors to the campus and nearby trails. The proposal recommends lightly thinning some of the trees on the campus and pruning dead wood from the lower parts of others. The work would improve the appearance and health of the forest and reduce the fire danger to the remaining trees. 

The President’s Council has requested that Anchor Point prepare a more detailed proposal for discussion on phasing of targeted areas according to probability of danger and damage, specifications, on-site management, and rough order of magnitude costs for each phase of the proposed effort. 

An update on next steps will be posted in Staff Notes Daily.

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February 2, 2011 to February 4, 2011