Communicating Science to K-12 and Public Audiences: Hands-on Activities about Magnetism, Space Weather, and Geomagnetism

This workshop on Thursday, February 3, from 1:00 - 2:30 PM in CG1 room 2126, is the first of four
workshops to be offered between March and May by the Office of Education and Outreach (EO) with
goals to:

-          Share EO’s educational resources for teachers and the public with other UCAR, NCAR, & UCP staff

-          Encourage collaborations in enhancing and disseminating science content for these audiences

-          Provide support for staff wishing to communicate science in K-12 classrooms and public events

EO's Randy Russell will present several hands-on activities about magnetism with background
information about the Sun, space weather, Earth’s magnetosphere and upper atmosphere, auroral activity,
and geomagnetism.  Randy has presented versions of this workshop to teachers regularly for the past
eight years, progressively refining and improving it in response to the interests and requests of teachers.

Please join us for the one hour workshop to be followed by 30 minutes of discussion about your questions
and ideas for further collaborations in enhancing the workshop's content and pedalogical impacts.

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