UCAR President's Council Summary Notes - 21 January 2011

Present for all agenda items: Rick Anthes, Jack Fellows, Maura Hagan, Katy Schmoll, and Roger Wakimoto

Present for Item 1: Eron Brennan and Shawn Winkelman

Present for Item 2: Aaron Andersen, Rena Brasher-Alleva, Eron Brennan, Marion Hammond, Janice Kauvar, Matt McMullen, Marla Meehl, Amy Moore, Kathy Morgan, Helen Moshak, Rich Rotunno, Michelle Travis, Dan Wilson, Shawn Winkelman, and Justin Young

Present for Item 3: Meg McClellan

Present for Item 4: Al Kellie and Krista Laursen

Present for Item 5: Meg McClellan and Cindy Schmidt

Present for Items 5 and 6: Aneka Finley and Susan Friberg (by phone)

Present for Item 7: Dave Maddy, Matt McMullen, Rod Moraga, and Dave Oettinger (Anchor Point consultants)

To view current and previous summary notes, click on:  https://www.ucar.edu/inside/internal/pc.

We convened at 8:00 am in the Fleischmann Building. 

1.       Collaborative Technologies Advisory Group (CTAC). 

Shawn Winkelman presented an update on the CTAC activities to date, which included conducting a survey of user needs, assessing the current state of collaborative technologies (infrastructure that supports real-time communications between participants at multiple locations) and spaces at UCAR, and assessing emerging technologies. In the near term, F&A IT plans to install multimedia systems in large conference rooms at each campus and provide similar capabilities in standard conference rooms at each campus. They will also explore solutions for desktop video conferencing that will be interoperable with other standard video conferencing systems.

2.       FY2012 Bond Financing Requests.

Dan Wilson presented the requests from various UCAR and NCAR entities for projects to be supported by bond funding in FY12. The President’s Council gave their tentative approval to $8 million in various infrastructure projects and equipment, including the renovation of FL4; multimedia investments as discussed in Item 1 above; and additional items in the G&A, Facilities, and Communications cost pools.

3.       Family and Personal Relationships. 

The Council discussed proposed changes to the nepotism and personal relationships policy that is part of Policy 6-3 Employee Search and Selection. The revised policies will clarify potential conflicts of interest between employees who supervise or are involved in the employment process and others with whom they are related or have close personal relationship.  Meg will prepare a final version for approval by the Council.

We also discussed details related to implementing the salary freeze for FY2012 and agreed that legitimate reclassifications and associated salary changes would be allowed, that incentive awards would be allowed, and that the same policies would apply to off-site employees.  HR and the members of the President’s Council will carefully monitor all reclassifications and incentive awards to avoid possible abuses.  HR will prepare a memo to all staff with this guidance.

4.       NWSC Signage.

Krista presented ideas for signage at the NWSC facility. The Council made some suggestions to refine the ideas presented.  Krista will have the contractor develop these ideas for review by the President’s Council and for consultation with NSF.

5.       22-24 February Board and Related Committee Meetings.

We reviewed the agendas for the February Board meeting, the UCAR Budget and Programs Committee, the Personnel Committee, and the Audit and Finance Committee.  We made a number of changes; in particular we agreed to have the Board meet on the 24th at Center Green so we could have a large enough room for participation of the UCAR Climate Council in the agenda item reviewing UCAR and NCAR’s climate-related activities.  Jack and Jeff Kiehl are working on this item.

6.       NSF Review.

Roger provided a brief update on the NSF Science Review of NCAR.  Dates for the site visits have almost been finalized.  NSF has finalized the guidelines to the Site Visit Team, provided draft Site Visit Agendas, and templates for the Site Visit Reports.

7.       Wildfire Mitigation at the Mesa Lab and Fleischmann Building.

Rod Moraga and Dave Oettinger of Anchor Point Fire Management made a presentation that recommended certain measures to mitigate the danger of wildfire damage to the Mesa Lab buildings, equipment, and people who use these facilities and the nearby trails.  The proposed plan would be to lightly thin some of the trees on the Mesa Lab campus and prune dead wood from the lower parts of the trees.  The group then walked around the Fleishmann Building and up the hill toward the Mesa Lab and were shown examples of the trees to be removed and pruned.  The work would improve the appearance and health of the forest and reduce fire danger to the remaining trees as well.  The Council agreed with the proposed strategy of mitigation.  As a next step, Anchor Point will prepare a proposal to present to President’s Council for further discussion.  This proposal will address: phasing of mitigation areas according to probability of danger and damage, specifications for the mitigation, on-site management of the mitigation, and rough order of magnitude estimates for each phase of the potential mitigation effort.

8.       Unstructured Discussion.

The Council was updated on the most recent exchange from NSF regarding funding for the NWSC.  NCAR will be forwarding updated budget tables to NSF.

The Council approved the application of the Communications indirect rate to the NWSC.

We adjourned at 1:30 pm.

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January 27, 2011