User transition from MSS to HPSS meeting

The User Services Section is pleased to announce that we will be conducting a seminar for user transition from MSS to HPSS on 18th of Jan 01:30-03:00 PM MST at Mesa Lab main seminar room. Light refreshment will be served at 01:15PM just before the seminar. The seminar will be webcast live from here. We encourage our off-site users to ask questions using the IRC window located just below the video section. The session will be recorded and will be available for off line viewing. We will discuss transition issues, provide examples and tips for typical use cases and would like to hear your questions and concerns.

We are working on our HPSS documentation page: HPSS main doc and the transition issues are specifically addressed in: MSS to HPSS migration

Our earlier announcement for the transition date was indicated to be 31st of January. However due to delay in delivery of some of the necessary hardware to handle the full capacity production load we will have to postpone this date. We will have clearer idea about the possible transition date by the time of this seminar.

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Announcement Timing: 
January 11, 2011 to January 19, 2011