UCAR President's Council Summary Notes - 10 December 2010

Present for all agenda items: Rick Anthes, Jack Fellows, Katy Schmoll and Roger WakimotoPresent for Item 1: Susan Foster and Raj PandyaPresent for Item 2: Raj Pandya, Helen Moshak, Cheryl Cristanelli, Susan Montgomery-Hodge, Art Richmond and Lucy WarnerPresent for Item 3: Maura Hagan (by phone), Helen Moshak, Meg McClellan and Delaine OrendorffPresent for Item 4: Maura Hagan (by phone), Al Cooper, Susan Friberg, Jim Hurrell, Joe Klemp, Meg McClellan, Helen Moshak and Terry WoodsPresent for Item 5: Dan Wilson, Stephanie Chichester, Meg McClellan and Michelle TravisPresent for Item 6: Shawn Winkelman, Rena Brasher-Alleva, Karla Edwards, Hanne Mauriello, Melissa Miller, Barb Schnell, Karl Werner and Justin YoungPresent for Item 7: Marion Hammond and Helen MoshakPresent for Item 8: Peter Backlund, Jim Hurrell, Jeff Kiehl, Greg Holland, Raj Pandya, Cindy Schmidt, Doug Nychka and Lucy WarnerPresent for Item 9: Susan Friberg

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We convened at 8:00 am in CG-4, Rm 2020. 

1.       EO Update. 

Susan Foster and Raj Pandya summarized a draft strategic plan for the EO Office.  The President’s Council was quite impressed by the plan.  Next steps include working with the Education Council to describe how this plan relates to education activities across UCAR, and soliciting input from a small number of Board of Trustee Members.  Since the Board does not traditionally approve individual office, program or lab strategic plans, the Council recommended that Susan provide a summary of the plan to the Board in February 2010 as an update on the EO Office transition.   It is quite likely that the plan may evolve into an education and outreach plan for the institution.  At that time, the broader plan would be taken to the Board for approval.

2.       Mentoring Project Update.

Helen Moshak, Raj Pandya and the committee presented two white papers outlining mentoring alternatives and documenting the committee’s research on mentoring programs at other scientific institutions.  The President’s Council and the committee discussed alternatives and agreed to: a)  define a consultant’s role in setting up the first phase of a mentoring program that leverages resources and coordinators across the institution, and b)  explore proposing a mentoring program for consideration in discussions of the 2012 budget. 

Other discussion included the need for a strategy for ensuring management buy-in at all levels, clarification of how people will charge their time while participating in mentoring, and developing a mix of on-line and in-person training approaches. 

3.       Temporary Salary Increases for Staff Who Assume Management Positions. 

The Council reviewed the draft memo to ladder-track scientists who assume management positions and a draft memo from Roger to all Lab Directors laying out the practices and procedures for NCAR Ladder-Track Scientists who step down from management positions and return to the scientist status.  The Council noted that these could apply to positions other than scientists as well and approved the documents.  Actual letters to individuals should be reviewed by HR and Meg McClellan before being sent.

4.       Proposed Changes to the Policies and Procedures Regarding Scientist and Research Engineering Appointments.

Meg led a discussion of legal issues associated with the proposed revision of the NCAR Scientific and Research Engineering Appointments Policy 6.5.  The Council approved some changes to the draft.  Meg will make these changes and circulate a final draft to the Council for its approval. We will take the revised policy to the Board of Trustees in February.  The Council also approved a new section that would go in the UCAR Policies and Procedures: Section 7-NCAR Scientists and Research Engineer Appointments.

5.       Swaption on 2001 Debt.

Dan Wilson reviewed the 2005 swaption made in connection with a refunding of the 2001 debt of $21.3M.  Several potential options were discussed for completing the interest rate swap by 31 August 2011.  Also reviewed in detail were the risks and issues associated with the swap.  The Treasury Office will continue to monitor the market conditions to seek bids for a direct purchase index floater from a bank or underwriter early in 2011.  UCAR has preserved the original savings from the swaption.

6.       Fin Tools Update.  

Shawn Winkelman updated the Council on the Fin Tools project. He noted that many people are working very hard on this project and are making significant progress.  However, because of its complexity, it will be a little late in finishing (now estimated to be June 2012) and a little over the original budget estimate (less than ten percent).

7.       Space Update. 

Marion Hammond and Helen Moshak updated the Council on the space situation at the UCAR campuses.  They presented a three year snapshot history of actual staff counts, summary and details of FY11 staff projections and visitor projections from the Labs. They also presented current office space allocations, an update on the Anthes and FL4 construction projections as well as issues and pending projects.  Helen and Marion will work with Labs to reallocate space in FL and ML, explore ML library mixed use options, and clearly communicate space management and construction proposal processes. 

8.       UCAR Climate Council.  

Rick summarized a draft charge and membership for this UCAR-wide Council and led a discussion on how this Council could provide better communication and coordination of UCAR and NCAR’s activities related to climate.  The establishment of the Council was strongly endorsed by everyone.  The group present recommended that the membership be kept small but that larger groups could be involved in certain discussions or presentations.  The Climate Council will meet following the UMC meeting on the morning of 20 January 2011.  Initially, the Council will met every other month or more frequently if needed and be reevaluated for its effectiveness in a year.

9.       Upcoming NCAR Review.

Roger provided an update on the upcoming NSF NCAR science review.  He will schedule two-hour meetings with each Lab in January and February to discuss questions that may arise during the reviews.  These meetings will not be full dry- run presentations but will include a draft outline of the presentations.  Refinement of the proposed plan will occur at the Executive Committee meeting on 21 December.

10.    Unstructured Discussion.

a. We agreed that the Anthes building could also be referred to as FL-A.

b. We agreed to do a follow-up survey of the participants in the October 2010 meetings.

c. We agreed to continue discussions with the Board of Trustees on various changes to the UCAR By-Laws and related issues of governance, with a goal of modernizing the governance structure.  After discussions with the Board, we will determine how quickly to try to implement these changes.

We adjourned at 2:30 pm. 

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