UCAR President's Council Summary Notes - 17 November 2010

Present for all agenda items: Rick Anthes, Jack Fellows, Maura Hagan, Katy Schmoll and Roger WakimotoPresent for Item 1: Dan Wilson, Michelle Travis and Stephanie ChichesterPresent for Items 2 and 3: Jeff Reaves and Meg McClellanPresent for Item 4: Michael Thompson, Mary Marlino and Helen MoshakPresent for Item 5:  Bob Roesch and Delaine OrendorffPresent for Item 6: Cindy Schmidt, Lucy Warner, Peter Backlund, Susan Friberg, Rachel Hauser and Susan FosterPresent for Item 7: Marion Hammond, Matt McMullen, David Patterson and Helen MoshakPresent for Item 8: Susan Friberg, Helen Moshak and Aneka Finley

To view present and previous summary notes, click on the following link:  https://www.ucar.edu/inside/internal/pc.

We convened at 8:00 am in the Fleischmann Board Room. 

1.  Refunding of 2002 Bonds.   

Dan Wilson went over some options to refinance the Center Green 2002 bonds.  The Council asked Dan to begin preparations for a refinancing that could occur in February 2011 depending on interest rates then and Board approval.  The Audit and Finance Committee will be briefed on options in January.

2.  Export Control Recommendations. Jeff Reaves went over the results to date of the Export Control Assessment that was carried out by Fischer & Associates.  Violation of export control laws can have severe penalties to individuals and the organization. The Assessment identified a number of risks to UCAR associated with these regulations.  Jeff outlined a number of steps to strengthen UCAR’s process to help ensure that we adhere to existing regulations and guidelines.

3.  Nomination of Significant Contributors to AVAPS II Technology.  The Council approved a nomination from Sue Schauffler for Terry Hock and Dean Lauritsen to be named as Significant Contributors to the Airborne Vertical Atmospheric Profiling System II (AVAPS II).  Each will receive an award in 2010 from the licensing of the technology.

4.  CG1 Library Update.   Michael Thompson and Mary Marlino joined the Council in a discussion of the implementation plan for the CG Library transition and to debrief the Council on the decision process. The unanimous opinion was that the combined HAO and Library teams’ deliberative process worked well. The effort to develop consensus recommendations led the Council to make decisions that are acceptable to most staff.

5.  Temporary Salary Increases for Staff Who Assume Management Positions. Maura presented a series of recommendations developed by the NCAR Executive Committee to address outstanding issues, including equity issues, associated with the compensation of ladder-track (LT) staff members who step down from Director, Manager, and Section Head positions. The Council approved the following three recommendations:

a.  A standard reclassification practice, requiring an updated position description and associated salary adjustment proposal to be vetted by the NCAR Director’s Office whenever LT staff move into or out of management positions.

b.  A standard appointment practice, requiring letters of appointment for all future management reclassifications. The letters will clearly define the management responsibilities and the terms associated with the percent salary increases that will remain in effect for the duration of the management appointment only.

c.  A plan to officially inform all current LT staff in management positions of the salary adjustment process that is effective immediately; their salaries will be immediately adjusted to be commensurate with their LT peers at the end of their management appointments.

The Council began preliminary deliberations on some legacy compensation issues (i.e., LT staff who already stepped down from management positions without commensurate salary adjustments) and how they should be handled. We will revisit this discussion at the December 2010 President’s Council meeting.

6.  Next UCAR Communications Director.   Jack reviewed recommendations for recruiting a new UCAR Communications Director, including the requirements for this new position, a selection committee, advertizing and interviewing strategies, an open search format, and possible candidates. The President’s Council agreed with these recommendations.  Jack will establish the selection committee based on President’s Council input, develop a more refined schedule and process, and report back as appropriate. Our hope is to get the announcement out quickly with a closing date of late January.  Top candidates will provide presentations to broader audiences, and a recommendation will be brought to the President’s Council.

 7.  Repurposing Mesa Lab Space.  Marion Hammond updated the Council on plans for Mesa Lab 2B construction. The project will include a second Corporate Technical Training Center (CTTC), storage cages for ML inhabitants, compact storage for the library and archives, and mechanical infrastructure upgrades to increase energy efficiency and life safety in the building. Also discussed were near- and long-term central computer room strategies.  There are currently 20 racks immediately available in the Mesa Lab computing room to meet program needs.

8.  Upcoming NCAR Review. Roger provided an update on the upcoming NSF NCAR science review.  Potential review dates are about to be forwarded to NSF. The list of the various laboratory/observatory advisory committee members is also being compiled and will be sent to Steve Nelson.  A draft set of questions has been assembled for each of the laboratories/observatory.  These questions will help prepare all of us for the challenging issues that a review panel might raise during the site visit.  The PC will work with the Associate Directors by providing constructive feedback on the draft presentations that they intend to give to the panels.

9.  Unstructured Discussion.

a.  The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs conducted a compliance evaluation of the equal opportunity policies and practices of UCAR.  This was the initial phase of the evaluation. In most cases, this type of evaluation is followed by a comprehensive on-site audit of employment practices. As a result of the initial phase findings, the OFCCP has determined that the compliance evaluation is closed, and no further action will be taken at this time.

b.  Katy raised a question with the President’s Council regarding the charging of communications services as part of NWSC operations. A decision has already been made that the Facilities rate will not be charged. The Council agreed that the NWSC is a direct-charge facility and communications-related costs should be charged directly. The Communications indirect rate will not be applied to the NWSC.

c.  Climate leadership at UCAR/NCAR.  We discussed the Board’s interest in UCAR/NCAR leadership of “climate,” very broadly defined, with emphasis on climate services, adaptation, policy, etc.  We agreed that there was already a lot in this area going on at UCAR/NCAR but that it was not well coordinated or organized and the entire picture was not visible.  We agreed to take steps to better coordinate and communicate these activities to the community.

We adjourned at 12:30 pm.

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