UCAR Policies & Procedures Edits: Sept-Nov 2010

Please note additions to existing P&Ps, and a new Guidleine.

1-3 Equal Employment Opportunities Added that a job applicant can file a complaint and outlines HR follow-up to a complaint.

5-9 Property Management Policy – Added that staff should contact DPA for property disposal requirements.

6-5 NCAR Scientific & Research Engineering Appointments Procedures Added description of "Up or Out" process; reference to the WMP and Appendix C; and Post Appointments Review (PAR) information.

Social Media Guidelines New guideline noted in Official Communications Policy 3-1.

You may reference the Policies & Procedures Updates Guide at any time.  Changes are posted here as they occur.

See also UCAR Policies & Procedures home page.

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November 23, 2010