Mesa Mile - New Signage & Road Completion

The Mesa road is now fully available to all traffic, with the bicycle and pedestrian lane construction complete. Minor shoulder work continues, as the construction crew addresses the final steps of seeding and restoration of disturbed areas, as well as completion of road symbol painting that has been delayed due to weather.

New signage promotes safer traffic patterns.

As part of the engineering work for the comprehensive Mesa Mile road improvement project, FM&S retained a traffic engineer to perform a traffic and signage analysis for the project that would comply with CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation) standards.

The 3 way stop at the "key" intersection between the road and the restricted access to the main entrance to ML was identified as an area of concern. Four conditions existed at this intersection that led to changes in the previous traffic flow and signage: 1. improvement of the roadway surface and width, with potential for increased vehicular speeds, 2. existing limited visibility through this narrow section for vehicular drivers, 3. improvement in the location/definition of pedestrian/disabled crosswalks/bicycle traffic flows, and 4. existing potential confusion as to the correct auto travel path for visitors to our facility. Due to the existence of these four conditions, the traffic control engineer recommended an all-way (three-way) stop to slow down traffic and allow visitors to orient themselves to the correct drop-off/parking areas, as well as increasing pedestrian and bike user safety.

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November 15, 2010 to November 19, 2010