Fall issue of UCAR Magazine

The fall 2010 UCAR Magazine is now online and will be distributed in print this week. Among the items in this issue:

--Hurricanes in the making: Parallel field studies gain the best look yet at incipient tropical cyclones

--Getting serious about geoengineering: Researchers, governments take a closer look at issues and technologies

--All hail: A giant stone in South Dakota pummels U.S. record

--Listening to the galaxyDistant star's sound waves reveal cycle similar to the Sun's

--A golden week: University colleagues and staff toast UCAR and NCAR’s 50th. Along with this article, a photo album is now online.

--The story behind the Anthes Building: UCAR's newest site takes on a new name

--Graz and UCAR: A new international affiliate joins the fold

--President's Corner: Never in doubt

--Guest Column (Julia Slingo, UK Met Office): A special relationship to tackle new environmental questions

--Four Questions (Kevin Knupp, University of Alabama in Huntsville): Heat bursts

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Announcement Timing: 
November 4, 2010 to November 12, 2010