President's Council Summary Notes - 22 October 2010

Present for all agenda items: Rick Anthes, Maura Hagan, Hanne Mauriello (for Jack Fellows), Katy Schmoll, and Roger WakimotoPresent for Item 1: Aaron Andersen, Janice Kauvar, Melissa Miller, and Delaine OrendorffPresent for Item 2: Melissa MillerPresent for Item 3: Matt McMullenPresent for Item 4: Aneka Finley and Susan FribergPresent for Item 5: Keith MacGregor, Mary Marlino, Terry Murray, and Michael ThompsonPresent for Item 6: Aneka Finley, Susan Friberg, Susan Montgomery-Hodge, and Kathy Strand

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We convened at 8:30 am in the Fleischmann Board Room. 

1.  Exception to Relocation Policy for NWSC Project.

The Council discussed the request from CISL for an exception to the UCAR relocation policy for current employees who will be asked to move to Cheyenne to operate the NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputer Center.  The Council approved the request.  The next step will be to seek approval from NSF for the exception to policy because it will involve spending NSF funds to implement it.  Katy will work with Delaine to draft a letter for Rick to send to NSF.

2.  Open Skies Airline Travel Regulations.

Due to a recent change in Federal regulations, UCAR can now take advantage of “Open Skies” agreements that allows for use of some foreign air carriers using government funds. The foreign carrier must be a member airline of the European Union, Australia or Switzerland. (There are currently no Asian airlines that are covered under Open Skies agreements.)  Unfortunately, the rules surrounding use of Open Skies are very complex and involve a number of factors. In order to minimize the risk to travelers, use of foreign carrier under the Open Skies agreements can only be booked through Boulder Travel who will take full responsibility for assuring that flights are consistent with the regulations. We would reject any voucher showing a foreign carrier use funded with government funds that is not booked through Boulder Travel.  F&A and Boulder Travel will develop implementation procedures and communicate those to staff.

3.  Wildfire Mitigation.

Matt McMullen presented the recommendations contained in a report prepared by the Anchor Point Fire Management Group, analyzing the fire and fire-spread potential on the Mesa Lab area. The report focuses on two areas that are vulnerable to fire: the area around the Fleischmann Building and the area to the west of the Mesa Lab Road. The President’s Council felt that further study needs to be done in order to ensure that fire mitigation activity is limited to what is necessary for the safety of the UCAR and NCAR staff and the public. In addition, we will post signs around the Mesa Lab and the surrounding area designating the basement of the Mesa Lab as a “safe haven” in the event of a wildfire.  We will also work with the City of Boulder Parks department to investigate building a trail leading off the Mesa on the southeast side, to provide emergency egress from the Mesa and also an additional recreational trail.

4.  Upcoming NCAR Review.  

Roger was not able to provide additional information regarding the upcoming review.  NSF/AGS has not yet defined the process.  In the meantime, we will compile a list of external people who could serve on a review panel and forward the list to NSF/AGS.  We will also forward dates to NSF that we should avoid such as PACUR, BOT, and ABR meetings where we have a hard conflict.  There was a discussion on whether the PC should initiate an internal review of the NCAR labs/observatory in preparation for the NSF review.

5.  CG Library.

Michael Thompson summarized the outcome of a series of deliberations undertaken by a group of HAO scientists, including Roberto Casini, Giuliana de Toma, Keith MacGregor, Travis Metcalfe and Art Richmond, and NCAR Library staff represented by Mary Marlino, Karon Kelly and Terry Murray. Their objectives were to come up with a series of recommendations that would address the President’s Council concerns about underuse of the CG Library facility, CG space needs and NCAR Library staffing priorities, combined with HAO staff’s desire to retain some portion of the library collections at CG. The group also submitted a detailed report that included their consensus recommendations along with a subset of issues that the group was unable to agree on.  The Council will communicate its decision to Michael so that he can inform HAO staff upon his return from travel.

6.  October Meetings Postmortem. 

The Council discussed the many events at the October meetings.  Because of the 50th Anniversary, there were more activities than usual.  The meetings included the Board of Trustees, the UCAR Members, PACUR, the Academic Affiliates and the UCAR/AMS/AGU Heads and Chairs meeting!  There was widespread agreement that the meetings were very successful and among the best we have ever had.  Kudos to everyone who worked so hard to prepare and carry out the meetings!  Minor suggestions for improvements were to have longer breaks during the Members' meeting and adjourn the Members' meeting earlier on the first day to give people a chance to walk around, email, talk, or just rest a little. 

There was agreement that we should include a joint session of the PACUR and NCAR/UCP staff at each of the October PACUR meetings, and give someone from NCAR/UCP the opportunity to give a short presentation on the perspectives of the NCAR/UCP scientists, who are writing the proposals that are reviewed by PACUR.

7.  Unstructured Discussion.

Roger discussed the completion of the EOL Director Search and the formation of the Search Committee to identify the next NESL Director.

Pending PC approval in November, F&A intends to begin planning for demolition and construction on the 2B level of the Mesa Lab. Priorities include compact shelving, a second Corporate Technical Training Center, and storage cages. Decisions on additional conference rooms, offices and visitor space will await the completion of the visitor projections currently underway.

We have put in place agreements with Avis, Budget, National and Enterprise rental car companies. The benefits of using these agreements include negotiated rates, direct billing to UCAR, recognition of UCAR's tax free status (i.e., no sales tax will be charged), online reservations, and primary insurance coverage with no deductible. 

We adjourned at 11:45 am.

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