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Warren Washington receives National Medal of Science

President Obama has named Warren Washington (CGD) as one of 10 eminent researchers to be awarded the National Medal of Science. The recipients of the science medal and of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation will receive their awards—the highest honor bestowed by the U.S. government on scientists, engineers, and inventors—at a White House ceremony later this year.

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Climate change: Drought may threaten much of globe within decades

The United States and many other heavily populated countries face a growing threat of severe and prolonged drought in coming decades, according to a new study by Aiguo Dai (CGD). The detailed analysis concludes that warming temperatures associated with climate change will likely create increasingly dry conditions across much of the globe in the next 30 years, possibly reaching a scale in some regions by the end of the century that has rarely, if ever, been observed in modern times.

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Plants play larger role than thought in cleaning up air pollution

Vegetation plays an unexpectedly large role in cleansing the atmosphere, a new study finds. The research, led by Thomas Karl (ACD), uses observations, gene expression studies, and computer modeling to show that deciduous plants absorb about a third more of a common class of air polluting chemicals than previously thought.

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October 22, 2010