Balancing Work and Personal Life

27 October 2010, Noon-1:00pm, FL1, Atrium, Brown-bag lunch meeting

Why do so few women occupy positions of power and prestige in every field? To achieve parity we have to know what the problems are as well as what the problems are not. The data show that there has been progress but that a stubborn problem remains: advancement is slower for women than for men in every profession. That stubborn problem is not (or not solely) due to too few women in the pipeline, inequitable childcare arrangements, or women's "choosing" to leave the professions. Rather, the ubiquity of women's slow advancement requires a general explanation through the concepts of gender schemas and the accumulation of advantage.

Dr. Virginia Valien, Distinguished Professor from Department of Psychology, Hunter College, has done lots of studies on gender schemas. Please join us to watch Dr. Virginia Valien’s MIT talk and discuss Dr. Valien’s lecture and issues on work-life balance.

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October 19, 2010 to October 26, 2010