Drupal Update

Drupal-based UCAR Websites

To give you a sense of the progress we're making on building websites with Drupal, here's a list of sites built with the Drupal Content Management System that have already been launched (many more are currently under development). In fact, the new Staff Notes Daily website and email notifications are produced by Drupal.

UCAR   http://www2.ucar.edu

NCAR   http://ncar.ucar.edu

ACD   http://www2.acd.ucar.edu

CISL   http://www2.cisl.ucar.edu

NCAR Archives   http://www.archives.ucar.edu

NSDL Network   http://nsdlnetwork.org

SEA   http://sea.ucar.edu

UDUG   http://drupal.ucar.edu

VAPOR Tutorials   http://docs.vapor.ucar.edu/


There are 4 upcoming trainings for Drupal Content Contributors and Editors. This is a half day training where you'll learn how to use Drupal to create and manage web content. Login to HRIS Connect to register. We recommend you first talk with the developer of your website to learn about whether they have a Drupal site that is ready for you to work on. A training for Drupal developers will be scheduled early next year. 

12/8/2010  morning or afternoon

2/24/2011  morning or afternoon

UCAR Drupal Users Group (UDUG)

UDUG is an active community of web developers who meet every other week to explore a Drupal development topic and share tips and tricks. Drupal gives web developers a rich toolkit for developing full-featured websites but it is a paradigm shift and comes with a learning curve. In UDUG, we climb that learning curve together. Our next meeting is Wed 10/20 at 10 am in FL1-2037. Sign up for the cms mailing list to receive meeting announcements.

Drupal Editors and Contributors (DEC)

DEC is an active community of Drupal content contributors and editors who meet periodically to discuss topics and tips related to creating and managing content in Drupal sites. Sign up for the cmscontent mailing list to receive meeting announcements.

UDUG Website

The UDUG and DEC communities have built the drupal.ucar.edu website to share documentation and tips on how we're using Drupal at UCAR. See our FAQ for more background on Drupal at UCAR.

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October 13, 2010 to October 15, 2010