Last chance: Your views on climate change needed

UCAR needs your participation in a 2-3 minute survey today (Monday 10/4). The compiled results will be presented at the annual UCAR Members' Meeting this week, where the UCAR community will be discussing different ways to communicate science, particularly climate science, to the public and in the classroom.

As part of that effort, we are surveying the meeting participants on their climate change views. The survey is based on a recent Six Americas survey of the general population on this topic. The anonymous results will be presented at the meeting. We'd like you to participate in the survey as well (see link below). We'll share the anonymous and aggregated results with you. Thanks in advance. If you have never read the Six Americas report, you might also find that very interesting. 

Will this event be webcast to the public by NCAR|UCAR?: 
Announcement Timing: 
October 4, 2010 to October 6, 2010