UCAR President's Council Summary Notes - 17 September 2010

Present for all agenda items: Rick Anthes (by phone), Jack Fellows, Maura Hagan, Katy Schmoll, and Roger WakimotoPresent for Item 1: Helen MoshakPresent for Item 2: Eron Brennan, Marion Hammond, Mary Marlino, Matt McMullen, Helen Moshak, Terry Murray, and Dave PattersonPresent for Item 3: Michael Thompson and Mary MarlinoPresent for Item 4: Jeff Reaves, Meg McClellan, and Gina TaberskiPresent for Item 5: Jeff Reaves, Rena Brasher-Alleva, and Gina TaberskiPresent for Item 6: Delaine Orendorff and Bob RoeschPresent for Item 7: Aneka Finley 

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We convened at 9:00 am in the Fleischmann Board Room.  Jack chaired the meeting.  Rick joined the meeting via telephone. 

1.  Mesa Lab Honor Wall Display.    

Helen Moshak gave an overview on plans for the Honor Wall Display in the Damon Room of the Mesa Lab.  This will be a display that honors UCAR staff who have received awards from professional societies and other appropriate institutions.  

2.  Mesa Lab Conference Room Committee Briefing. 

Four committees (i.e., Outer Damon Room, Collaborative Technologies Advisory Group, Library Feasibility, and NCAR/UCAR Space Planning) joined forces to develop a preliminary proposal for improving and repurposing ML space in 2B and the Library to meet outstanding organizational needs. The President's Council gave preliminary approval for an estimated $1.39M project that will include:

 - Installation of compact storage for Library archives in ML2B - Temperature control for archives in ML2B - Storage cages for divisions and programs at ML - Library renovation work, including a 40-50 person conference room - A CTTC in ML2B - A VAV system that will serve both the ML Library and the east end of the cafeteria.

The group will reengage H+L Architecture to help them develop a comprehensive proposal for President's Council consideration at the October 2010 meeting. This proposal will include a detailed and prioritized timeline of demolition and construction phases, associated expenditures, and cash-flow scenarios. Because this project involves infrastructure improvements to NSF-owned property, funds from the NSF Property Improvement budget must be allocated in order to proceed.   

3.  CG Library Closing. 

Some HAO staff expressed concerns about the August 2010 President’s Council decision to close the CG Library at an HAO staff meeting on 7 September, which was also attended by Roger Wakimoto, Mary Marlino, and Maura Hagan. Michael Thompson summarized these concerns and asked the President’s Council for a delay in implementing the closure decision so that a subset of HAO staff, identified by Michael, could work with Mary and her team to develop a compromise plan that would be acceptable to all parties. Mary summarized the results of an initial discussion that she had with this HAO group and endorsed Michael's request. The President’s Council approved the delay and asked Michael and Mary to return with definitive options for President's Council consideration and their final decision at the October 2010 meeting.

4.  Export Control.  

Don Fischer, the consultant hired to conduct an assessment of UCAR's export control program, completed his initial interviews with the relevant NCAR labs and UCP programs on 27 August.  The consultant's report has not yet been received but early indications are that the interviews have resulted in a heightened awareness within UCAR about export control issues and additional controls have been put in place in some cases to deal with specific issues.  The consultant's report is expected by the end of September.  Jeff and Meg will report back to the Council in October or November with specific recommendations regarding training, policies, and procedures related to UCAR's export control program.

5.  NOAA Funding. 

Jack summarized the UCAR-NOAA funding memo (funding mechanism and guiding principles) and a meeting he had with NOAA contract/program staff on 15 September in Washington, DC.  Jack hopes to have another meeting with NOAA staff during the week of 27 Sept to ensure their strategy reflects the memo recommendations.  NOAA staff did make it clear that future contracts, cooperative agreements, or grants will be competed. 

6.  Statistical Analysis and Approval of Merit Salary Raises. 

Delaine went over a statistical analysis of the most recent salary action proposals.  Katy will work with Delaine and Bob to develop a Board summary presentation of these data.

7.  Upcoming NCAR Review.  

It has been ten years since the last science review of NCAR so NSF has informed us that this one will be "thorough."  It has been tentatively scheduled for late winter/early spring 2011. The science review will be followed by a review of NCAR management that will also include a review of UCAR’s management of NCAR. The tentative date for the latter is Fall 2011.  The non-NSF part of the NCAR program will be assessed under the management review.  We will be able to suggest names for the review panels and also names we would prefer not to participate in the review. Anyone serving on a lab/division/observatory advisory panel would be excluded from participating owing to a conflict of interest. The time period to be covered by the review is under discussion, but it appears that it will only include the term of the Cooperative Agreement (i.e., start at the beginning of the current CA and look forward, slightly beyond the end of the CA). We will be judged not on how well we have implemented the NCAR Strategic Plan but whether we have met the terms as outlined in the CA or not. 

8.  Unstructured Discussion. 

Fire suppression around the Fleischmann Building was discussed. Maura mentioned that at the Senior Scientists' luncheon the previous day someone brought up a concern about the brush and trees around the Fleischmann Building causing a hazard in the event of a forest fire on the Mesa. Katy said her folks would look into this. 

We adjourned at 11:30 am.

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