An interview with Michael Thompson, HAO’s new director

Michael is no stranger to NCAR—he’s been visiting regularly ever since completing a postdoctoral appointment with HAO in 1988–89. Staff Notes recently caught up with Michael to talk about HAO, his own research, and life in Boulder. Read the interview here.

While you’re on the Staff Notes site, learn about how NCAR scientists have incorporated urban areas into the CCSM global climate model. The development is important because most models used for predicting future climate change do not account for the urban “heat island” effect.

Also, the Fourmile fire is out, but blog posts by Peggy LeMone (NESL/MMM) and David Hosansky (Communications) are still online, in case you missed them last week. Thoughts on the Fourmile Fire.

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September 17, 2010 to September 22, 2010