Center Green Library Closure

The NCAR Library has an exemplary record of serving the information needs of UCAR and its community, providing access to, curation services for, and preservation of the scholarly record in our field. Recently and in keeping with the larger patterns in our times, the NCAR Library shifted its emphasis to digital content and the delivery of timely and relevant research to our desktops. The dramatic decrease in library visits and the use of print-based resources, particularly in the Center Green facility, is an indicator of the Library’s success in meeting needs via desktop delivery of digital content.  For example, the book circulation at the Center Green Library paled during the past year; only 16 members of the Center Green staff checked out a total of 31 books between August 2009 and August 2010.

Therefore, in recognition of competing demands for space in Center Green-1 and after a thorough examination of NCAR Library usage statistics, the President’s Council decided to close the Center Green Library effective September 24, 2010. However, the current browsing collection of paper journals will remain accessible at Center Green, and access to the online journals, the library catalog, the interlibrary loan service, and the reference services will continue.  No other NCAR Library closures are planned.

NCAR Library Director Mary Marlino has worked with Michael Thompson, HAO Director, to ensure the preservation and continued access to the Center Green collections. The book collection will move to the FL2 library facility, and the bound journals, most of which are also immediately accessible in full text on-line versions, will move to a central distribution point in ML. Both of these collections will remain readily available to onsite staff (i.e., within an hour of request) through the black bag service, which can be requested via phone or the library catalog. We anticipate that the collections will move during the week of September 27. We do not expect any further disruption of service, thereafter.

Please direct any questions about this issue to NCAR Library Director, Mary Marlino.

The President’s Council

Rick Anthes, Jack Fellows, Katy Schmoll, Roger Wakimoto, Maura Hagan

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September 3, 2010