External Awards Recognition

In addition to the annual UCAR Awards, at this December’s awards ceremony, we would like to celebrate the career-related achievements of staff who have received prestigious awards and honors from external organizations within this past year. Such organizations include national or international entities representing professional societies, governments, news media, non-governmental organizations, or other groups of similar stature.

Awards presented from 1 December 2009 through 30 November 2010 will be included in the 10 December 2010 UCAR awards ceremony. (Awards announced but not yet presented will be recognized the following year.) Staff will be recognized and acknowledged during the ceremony, and photos of the event will appear in the Staff Notes issue following the December ceremony.

In order to be included, an awardee must meet both criteria 1 and 2 below.

1. The honor must be granted by a national- or international-level organization. Honors from professional societies, whether an award or election as a member/fellow* or president, must be decided at the society-wide level.**

Please see the Honors and Awards website for examples of appropriate awarding organizations.

* The society-wide requirement excludes awards by sections of the society (e.g., AGU Bowie lectures) or awards selected by a single person (e.g., an editor's award for excellence in reviewing). ** Member or fellow status must be awarded rather than granted by merely joining and/or paying dues.


2. Individuals must have been on staff during the year of the award in order to be honored at the annual awards presentation. (Staff who have been elected society or academy fellows, members, or presidents prior to employment will be so acknowledged on the Honors & Awards website.)

Please submit appropriate awards and honors via the UCAR Honors and Awards website. To be included in the December awards ceremony, please submit honors no later than 30 November 2010.

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August 16, 2010 to September 30, 2010