Safely Shopping Online Over Wireless Networks

With the Holiday Season upon us, IT Security would like to encourage staff to be mindful of online safety with the following tips: 

  • Use an encrypted WiFi network. Encrypted WiFi networks have passwords or require encryption certificates to be installed on your laptop in order to use them. The new "UCAR Visitor" wireless network, for example, is not encrypted. "UCAR Internal" wireless _is_ encrypted.
  • Only transmit credit card information over encrypted networks. Look for the "green lock" to show that the website you are visiting is using an SSL/TLS certificate and has HTTPS:// in the URL. 
  • Trust your browser if it says "This site is not safe!!" Double check before clicking through. 
  • Look twice at URLs to verify they are the site you meant to visit, and not a temporary credit card phishing site that is spelled googl3 or am4zon. 
  • Look twice at URLs in emails that claim they are from online vendors or package delivery agents, especially if the "From" email shows a yahoo, hotmail, msn, gmail, or odd-looking email address. 

We encourage you to try out the new UCAR Visitor WiFi network for your personal devices, but stay safe on UCAR Internal wireless for anything official for work, or needing that extra layer of protection. 

Happy Holidays! 

CPO staff

Announcement Timing: 
December 20, 2017 to December 25, 2017