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About External Awards


National & International Awards

A.  Criteria

Awards listed in the External Awards section of the UCAR Honors & Awards website must be for career-related achievements from national or international entities representing professional societies, governments, news media, non-governmental organizations, or other groups of similar stature. Regional or local awards are not listed.

B.  Eligibility

Individuals must have been on staff during the year of the award in order to be honored at UCAR's annual awards ceremony. Awards presented or announced from 1 December through 30 November will be included in the December UCAR awards ceremony that immediately follows.

Staff who have been elected society or academy fellows, members, or presidents prior to employment will be so acknowledged on the Honors & Awards website.

C.  Examples

Examples of eligible awards include:  AAAS fellows, AAS, AMS, and AGU society-wide awards presented at the annual meetings, MacArthur fellows, NAS/NAE members, Top 10 Engineers in the U.S.

Professional recognition by sub-sections of qualifying organizations or for outstanding papers are omitted from UCAR's annual awards ceremony but are listed on the website. Examples of website-only awards include: journal editors' awards, first-place honors for an article or paper.