NCAR Art-Science Gallery Presents: Shared Skies

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Opening Event

With Artist Kim Abeles and Scientist Peggy LeMone

Collage of sky photos - Kim Abeles, Shared Skies project

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
1:30-2:30 pm
Damon Room
NCAR's Mesa Lab

Shared Skies, an exhibit of digital prints of sky photographs from throughout the world by Kim Abeles will be on display in the Art-Science Gallery of the National Science for Atmospheric Research  from April 1 – June 30, 2014. The gallery is part of the Visitor Center in NCAR's Mesa Lab, located at the west end of Table Mesa Drive in South Boulder.

The opening event on Tuesday, April 1, at 1:30 pm will engage attendees with the art and science of the sky – how the atmosphere is connected worldwide, and how our view of the atmosphere changes from place to place and over time. NCAR atmospheric scientist Dr. Peggy LeMone and artist Kim Abeles will share their thoughts about the intersections of art and science in a conversation facilitated by Dr. Lisa Gardiner, coordinator of the NCAR Art-Science Gallery.

“As people look toward the sky each morning, through the day, or each night, the sky speaks to their personal and local concerns. In a global sense, we observe the effects of our environmental decisions and find community through a seamless sky,” said Kim Abeles, explaining what inspired the exhibit. “Our skies portray the connected parts of our place on this Earth.”

To create Shared Skies, Abeles, a Los Angeles-based visual artist, collected photographs of the atmosphere from a variety of sources, including from her own journeys, from artists who participated as they travelled, from international friends through social media. Some photos were purchased from photographers through stock photo sites. Each 17" x 22” archival print has 13 skies from places around the world, such as the Salt Flats of Bolivia; Grand Forks, North Dakota; Maasai Mara, Kenya; and Pine Ridge, Oglala Sioux Tribe, which spans several counties in South Dakota.

Kim Abeles has exhibited her artwork worldwide, including in large-scale installations in Vietnam, Thailand, Czech Republic, England, China, and South Korea. She represented the U.S. for the Fotografie Biennale Rotterdam and Cultural Centre of Berchem in Antwerp.  A midcareer survey of her work curated by Karen Moss for the Santa Monica Museum, entitled Kim Abeles: Encyclopedia Persona A-Z, toured the US and South America.  Her exhibit the invisible connection of things, including images made of smog, was shown at NCAR in 2012.

The NCAR Art-Science Gallery showcases artwork related to sciences relevant to NCAR research and seeks to foster conversation about connections between art and science.

The Shared Skies at NCAR exhibit is presented by Spark – UCAR Science Education in collaboration with EcoArts Connections and with support from the Boulder Outlook Hotel.

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