Closure Procedures & Work Options

If weather or other conditions warrant, a delayed opening, early closure, or, on rare occasions, a full closure of our Colorado permanent facilities may occur. In such cases, a decision will be made and posted via the UCAR Emergency Alerts service by 5:30 a.m. whenever possible.

UCAR Shuttle Schedule

For a delayed opening, shuttle service will generally begin one half hour before the new opening time.

For early closure, shuttles will remain in operation for the next two scheduled runs, conditions permitting.

Flexible Work Alternatives

We understand that during inclement weather employees may have personal needs necessitating flexibility in their work schedules. In such cases, employees and supervisors should work together to use the flexible work alternatives outlined in UCAR's Policy 6-12: Work and Family. Employees may also use PTO if necessary to address personal needs and issues resulting from inclement weather.

UCAR’s Policy on Official Closures

UCAR makes every reasonable effort to keep its facilities open (Policy 4-1: Official Closures). This is necessary because many operations are continuous, uninterruptable, or involve visitors and conference attendees from locations other than the immediate area. Even though schools, businesses, and local governments may close, except in rare circumstances, closure is not a viable alternative for UCAR.

CCLC-UCAR Child Care Center

The Child Care Center operates independently of UCAR regarding closures or delayed openings due to inclement weather. Staff with children at CCLC should monitor the Child Care Center’s emergency hotline: (866)-949-2252.