UCAR Emergency Alerts for Staff

Stay in the know with UCAR's Emergency Alerts

The emergency alerts system is managed by UCAR's Emergency Response Team to provide notification about extreme weather advisories, unplanned closures, major IT network outages, and other emergencies.

By default emergency alerts go to all staff as well as visitors who hold the Visitor 1 classification on the UCAR phone and/or email assigned to you. You do not need to take any action to be included in alerts to your primary UCAR phone number or email address.

Staff and V1 visitors are invited to customize their alerts. See the FAQ - Personalized Alerts for details and sign up or log in below.

Customize Alerts for Your Personal Devices

To be sure you receive alerts on the communications systems you use the most, you can customize receipt of email, voice, or SMS text messages via your personal, non-UCAR computer(s) or mobile devices. Register your preferences via our secure Member Portal:

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