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Links to educational materials from NCAR's High Altitude Observatory, including a pictorial introduction to the Sun, a slide show on the solar astronomy of the Anasazi in the prehistoric Southwest, solar physics history and biographies, a tutorial on the physics of the aurora, and more

Sunrise over ocean-North Carolina

A quick look at the science and issues involved in major weather and climate topics researched at NCAR & UCAR, including climate change/global warming, hurricanes, the nitrogen cycle, a glossary of major patterns influencing weather and climate, a thunderstorm glossary, and background on wildfires and fire weather.

Illustration of the nitrogen cycle

Systems and services that enable universities, school districts, libraries, and publishers to organize, manage, comprehend, and enrich online resources to improve learning outcomes and learner engagement

Library with globe and bookshelves

A community-led effort to promote access to high-quality digital resources for teaching and learning about the Earth at all levels

Hands typing on a computer keyboard

The GLOBE program works with K-12 students, teachers, and scientists worldwide to support collaborative research on Earth's environment at local, regional, and global scales

GLOPE student works on experiment

NSDL seeks to both deepen and extend science literacy through access to educational materials that reveal the nature of the physical universe, including the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Students visit RICO field project in Barbuda

Demonstrations of weather balloons and other observing systems during field campaigns and on classroom visits bring students of all ages the excitement of discovery and exploration. NCAR's Earth Observing Laboratory invites educators to inquire about classroom instruction and hands-on learning experiences

Balloon launch during the VOCALS field project.

The Visuals & Multimedia Gateway provides online access to multimedia for presentations, classroom instruction, and outreach including photos, illustrations, animations, video, and other formats.

Sunset over Saw Hill Ponds, Boulder Colorado

Interviews with the next generation of students and professionals embarking on careers in the broader UCAR community, at schools and universities, laboratories, and commercial endeavors

Portrait of Jielun Sun
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