ACOM Seminar: Laura Pan


Title: The Tropical Tropopause Definitions and Water Vapor Transport in the TTL: New Insights from Airborne in situ Measurements over the Tropical Western Pacific

Presenter: Laura Pan, Senior Scientist, ACOM

HAO Colloquium - Charles Kankelborg, Montana State Univ.

A FURST look at the VUV Sun as a Star

Thanks to the Hubble Space Telescope, we know the input of radiation from Alpha Cen A to our solar system far better than that of our own Sun.  The Full-Sun Ultraviolet Rocket Spectrometer (FURST) will obtain the first moderate resolution (R > 104), radiometrically calibrated VUV spectrum of the Sun-as-a-star. I will describe the instrument design, scientific prospects, and broader impacts of the mission.

UCP Seminar - June 20

UCP Strategic Priority Brown Bag Series
Join us in an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Business Development focused discussion with the BlackboxAI Data Science Team: Jay Swartz, Hunter Albright, and Anne Regel.

Wednesday June 20, 2018
12:00 - 1:30 PM MT
FL2-1022 (Large Auditorium)

Oceanography Brown Bag - Wei-Ching Hsu

The Impact of Sea Surface Temperature Biases and Errors on Tropical Cyclone Simulations and Predictions

Wei-Ching Hsu
Texas A&M University

HAO Colloquium - Juie Shetye, University of Warwick

High-resolution observations of the chromospheric waves

The solar chromosphere serves as a bridging layer between the photosphere and the corona. This dynamic layer is filled with a plethora of events that vary in small time and space scales. With the advent of high-resolution ground-based observations we are not only able to unveil new features but also understand the physical properties. 

Local Land-Atmosphere Interaction: Will Clouds Form?

Rescheduled Date from June 14, 2018
Speaker: Michael Ek
Affiliation: NCAR/RAL/JNT

Oceanography Brown Bag - Shakespeare

Do internal tides drive the upper ocean?
Callum Shakespeare
Australian National University

EOL Seminar Series: Dr. Scott Tyler

New Tools near the Triple Point:  Measuring Antarctic Ice Shelf Stability, Endangered Spring Fish, Snowmelt Dynamics and Flying Drones.

 Dr. Scott W. Tyler
University of Nevada Reno


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