ACOM Seminar - Paul Ziemann

ACOM Seminar

Presenter: Paul Ziemann, CU Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry & CIRES

Title: Why Molecular Structure Matters in the Chemistry of Atmospheric Organic Aerosol Formation

ACOM Seminar - Jessica Gilman

Seminar Title: A summary of recent measurements characterizing the emissions of hydrocarbons and other trace gases in several U.S. shale basins and associated  environmental impacts of shale oil/gas  production

Balanced Dynamics and the Madden-Julian Oscillation

Sharon Sessions
Department of Physics, New Mexico Tech
Socorro, New Mexico 

No longer a dot product: evidence of thunderstorm fluid dynamics in modern lightning measurements

Eric Bruning
Atmospheric Science Group, Department of Geosciences, Texas Tech University
Lubbock, Texas  

Lightning flash size and rate is controlled by the distribution of electrical potential in the thundercloud. This distribution results from microphysical charge separation followed by differential sedimentation and advective transport of charged hydrometeors.

Quantifying Discharge Uncertainty Across 500 UK Gauging Stations

Quantifying Discharge Uncertainty Across 500 UK Gauging Stations
Gemma Coxon, University of Bristol, UK

Balanced Dynamics and Convection in the Tropical Atmosphere

David J. Raymond
Physics Department and Geophysical Research Center, New Mexico Tech
New Mexico


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