Corals and ocean temperature extremes - a past to future view - Dr. Kim Cobb, Gorgia Tech

The global-scale coral bleaching and mortality event that took place in 2016 brought into sharp relief the near-term impacts of continued ocean warming on global reefs. In this talk, Kim Cobb will use a large database of coral paleoclimate records to probe the history of ocean temperature extremes, from the pre-industrial to modern period. In doing so, she will place the 2016 global-scale coral bleaching and mortally event in a longer-term context, prior to discussing the implications of her findings for coral reefs in the coming decades.

Celebrate Inger Barron's Retirement

Inger Barron is retiring after 22 years with RAL. She was hired as a “secretary” in 1996 back in the “Paper Years” when visitors were tracked by sticky notes on a building map. She played several roles during these years including serving on the EAC when she organized the “Children’s Picnics” and also 12 years as a highly valued member of the Safety Committee. For many, she was our teacher, trainer, counselor, RAL historian, and friend. She leaves huge shoes to fill for our group. She will now spend her days hiking, traveling, and even singing more.

ACOM Seminar: Troy Thornberry


Title: In Situ Perspective on Water Vapor, Couds and Dehydration in the Tropical Tropopause Layer

Presenter: Troy Thornberry, NOAA/ESRL/CSD and CU CIRES

Arctic Amplification: The Role of Mixed-Phase Clouds

Speaker: Manfred Wendisch
Affiliation: University of Leipzig, Leipzig Institute for Meteorology, Leipzig, Germany

EOL Seminar Series: John H. Lehman

Planar Nanotube-Based Radiometers for Space and Telecommunications
John H. Lehman
NIST, Sources and Detectors Group

ACOM Seminar: Christina Williamson


Title:  The Birthplace of Cloud Nuclei – a Global Perspective from the Atmospheric Tomography Mission

Presenter:  Christina Williamson, University of Colorado – Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences and NOAA Earth Systems Research Laboratory


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