Paladina Health Meet & Greet

Visit with representatives from Paladina Health.

HAO Colloquium - Allison Jaynes, CU LASP

The critical role of substorms and whistler-mode chorus waves in the energization of Earth’s high-energy radiation belts

The Earth’s outer radiation belt has displayed enormous variability over the previous three years due to both geomagnetic storms and intense substorm activity. Historically, strong enhancements of outer Van Allen belt energetic electrons have been shown to have a clear dependence on solar wind speed and on the duration of southward interplanetary magnetic field, indicating a relationship to substorm activity.

HAO Colloquium - Leif Svalgaard, Stanford University

Variation of EUV Matches that of the Solar Magnetic Field and an Implication for Climate Research

The Annual Holiday Market is Just Around the Corner!

The annual holiday market is just around the corner! This event is open to all employees, family and friends. You will find a variety of items from custom jewelry, painted crafts, knitted gloves and scarves, purses/hand-bags, cigar boxes, wreaths, photography, candles, cards, baked goods and so much more!

Event details:

Date: Friday, November 11th

Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Location: CG1 Building

3080 Center Green Drive, Boulder CO 80301

NCAR Hosting GlobusWorld Tour for Developers Oct. 25-26

NCAR/CISL is hosting a Globus tutorial and developer workshop October 25 and 26 at the Center Green campus (CG1) in Boulder. The workshop is open to all UCAR staff and is organized and led by the Globus development team. It is targeted at developers building web applications for research, system administrators who have deployed or are planning to deploy Globus, and others who are interested in learning more about the research data management service.


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