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18th Annual WRF Users' Workshop

The 18th Annual WRF Users' Workshop will take place at NCAR's Center Green Campus, Boulder, Colorado, on 12-16 June 2017.

The primary objectives for the Users' Workshop are to provide WRF modeling system updates, to discuss model development and issues and to present evaluations and applications of the model. There will be presentations focusing on development and testing of model applications in all areas.  This year we will have talks on WRF development and application in the area of ensemble forecasting.

HAO Colloquium - Rick Wilder, CU LASP

Magnetospheric Multiscale Observations of Parallel Electric Fields Associated With Magnetic Reconnection

HAO Colloquium - Adam Kowalski, NSO/CU

The Spectral Signatures of Deep Atmospheric Heating in Solar and Stellar Flares

Lower Back Pain Lunch & Learn Session

Lower Back Pain Lunch & Learn Session

On April 6, join Dr. Lisa Brone, a Paladina Health physician, for a lunch and learn session to discuss lower back pain. 

Did you know? Lower Back Pain is a leading reason why individuals visit their physician. During this session, Dr. Brone will cover:

All Staff Ethics Workshop - Postponed From February (Bad Weather Day)

All Staff Ethics Workshop - postponed from February (bad weather day)

Presented by: UCAR Ethics Officer, Meg McClellan

Mark your calendars, now rescheduled for:

March 9, 2017

1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Center Green (CG1) 1214 - North Auditorium

HAO Colloquium - Astrid Maute, HAO

Ionospheric currents and their associated magnetic perturbations


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