HAO Colloquium - Wenxian Li, HAO

Experimental testing of scattering polarization models

HAO Colloquium - Tarique Siddiqui, HAO

Relationship between lunar tide of the equatorial electrojet and Sudden Stratospheric Warmings

HAO Colloquium - David Elmore, NSO

The Continental America Telescopic Eclipse Experiment project and initial results
(David Elmore, Matt Penn, Adriana Mitchell, Padma Yanamanda-Fisher)

HAO Colloquium - Lars Daldorff, JHU APL

The Onset of Magnetic Reconnection: Tearing Instability in Current Sheets with a Guide Field

Authors: L. K. S. Daldorff, J. A. Klimchuk, J. E. Leake, K. Knizhnik

HAO Colloquium - Michel Blanc

A few scientific perspectives of The International Meridian Circle Program 

Michel Blanc,
State Key Laboratory of Space Weather, NSSC, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, & Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie (IRAP), Toulouse, France 

HAO Colloquium - Carol Cleland, CU Boulder

Differences in the Methodology and Justification of Experimental and Historical Natural Science

Carol Cleland
Director, Center for the Study of Origins and
Professor, Department of Philosophy
CU Boulder

HAO Colloquium - Patrick Alken, NOAA

Secular variation and secular acceleration as seen from DMSP satellite magnetic measurements


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