HAO Colloquium - Alina Donea, Monash University

Analysis of Acoustic Emission from "Quiet Sun Areas"

In this talk I will present  the acoustic, magnetic and chromospheric  properties  of different types of  Quiet Sun: the Quiet Sun surrounding active regions, the Quiet Sun under a coronal hole and a ‘plain’  Quiet Sun. 

HAO Colloquium - Viggo Hansteen, University of Oslo

Ellerman bombs and UV bursts: reconnection at different atmospheric layers?

HAO Colloquium - Federico Gasperini, HAO

A whole-atmospheric perspective on connections between intra-seasonal variations in the troposphere and thermosphere

HAO Colloquium - Stephen Bradshaw, Rice University

Learning to Diagnose Coronal Heating Signatures in Transition Region Spectral Lines

In the work reported here we have investigated signatures of nanoflare-based coronal heating in transition region radiative emission. The transition region is brighter, but very strongly coupled to the corona, and responds quickly to changing coronal conditions. Direct signatures of coronal nanoflares are expected to be extremely difficult to detect and perhaps only through such indirect observations may we find sufficient evidence to pin-down the coronal heating mechanism.

HAO Colloquium - Charles Kankelborg, Montana State Univ.

A FURST look at the VUV Sun as a Star

Thanks to the Hubble Space Telescope, we know the input of radiation from Alpha Cen A to our solar system far better than that of our own Sun.  The Full-Sun Ultraviolet Rocket Spectrometer (FURST) will obtain the first moderate resolution (R > 104), radiometrically calibrated VUV spectrum of the Sun-as-a-star. I will describe the instrument design, scientific prospects, and broader impacts of the mission.

Register for the 2018 Unidata Users Workshop

The Unidata Users Committee invites you to join Unidata staff, community members, and distinguished speakers this June in Boulder, Colorado. The goal of this year's workshop is to raise awareness of the current trends in the academic geoscience community with an emphasis on Data Proximate Analysis, Machine Learning and Data Analytics, Using GOES-16 Data, and Working with Ensemble NWP Output.

HAO Colloquium - Shaela Jones, NASA/GSFC

Image-Optimization for Improved Coronal and Heliospheric Magnetic Fields

Center Green Blood Drive -- Monday, May 14

The Bonfils Blood Center mobile bus will visit CG1 on Monday,  May 14.  The bus will be located on the north side of CG1.  Appointments are available between 9:00 am and 2:30 pm.  The bus will be closed between 11:00 a.m. and noon.

If you would like to donate, please contact Laurie Carr to make an appointment.  Please review the blood donation guidelines below.    

Bonfils Blood Center Donation Eligibility Guidelines


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