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Visuals & Multimedia in the News

News-related visuals, including video, animation, and photos.


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Digital Image Library

Search our library of over 2,000 photographs and images for unique portrayals of atmospheric and solar phenomena, instruments and field projects, educational settings, and our facilities, including the landmark Mesa Laboratory.



Lenticular cloudsAtmosNews: NCAR & UCAR Science on YouTube

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Visualization of Earth Animations and Scientific Visualizations Galleries

Two groups within NCAR's Computational & Information Systems Lab provide graphic representations of scientific data:

The Viz Lab (Visualization & Enabling Technologies Section). Some are available at high resolution for news media and publications.

VAPOR (Visualization and Analysis Platform for Ocean, Atmosphere, and Solar Researchers)



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Images from NCAR's Mauna Loa Solar Observatory

To better understand the Sun and its influence on our planet, specialized telescopes at our observatory capture images of the Sun's activity every day. Many of these images are available online as stills and movies.




From Our Libraries

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Digital Library for Earth Science Education

DLESE offers visualizations in support of teaching and learning about the Earth system. Select "Visual" under "Resource Type" to search visual resources gathered by the DLESE community.


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National Science Digital Library

NSDL seeks to both deepen and extend science literacy through access to educational materials that reveal the nature of the physical universe. Select "Search" and then check desired formats under "Optional Search Criteria."


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iTunes U: National Science Digital Library

This site offers free audio, video, and supplemental materials on scientific research, education, and outreach from the NSDL community, including NCAR & UCAR.




More Resources from Our Research & Education Community

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Other Photo Sources

Online photo libraries illustrating the Earth system are available from several organizations in our research community.