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AtmosNews- NCAR & UCAR Science

ADDS (Aviation Digital Data Service)
NCAR's Research Applications Laboratory & NOAA

Climate Voices Network
UCAR–United Nations network fostering non-political conversations about the research findings of  climate scientists

COMET MetEd - Group

The GLOBE Program

High Altitude Observatory

Measuring Up - UCAR Conference - Group
Annual national conference for best practices in federally funded and not-for-profit environments

NCAR Earth Observing Laboratory

NCAR–Wyoming Supercomputing Center

HIAPER Pole-to-Pole Observations (HIPPO)
Field project deploying the NSF/NCAR Gulfstream V aircraft

SOARS - Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science


Unidata - Group

UCAR Visiting Scientist Programs

VSP participant/alumni networks

VSP Climate Research - Group

Heliophysics Science - Group

Heliophysics Summer School - Closed Group

WAS*IS - Weather & Society * Integrated Studies - Closed Group

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@AtmosNews - NCAR & UCAR Science

@AtmosNewsLive - Occasional live-event tweets and retweets from professional meetings, tweetups, and workshops

@addswx - NCAR Experimental Aviation Digital Data Service (NCAR's Research Applications Laboratory & NOAA)

@climate_voices - UCAR–United Nations network fostering non-political conversations about the research findings of  climate scientists

National Environmental Education Foundation, in partnership with the American Meteorological Society and UCAR's COMET Program

@CISL - NCAR's Computational and Information Systems Laboratory

@GLOBEclimate - GLOBE Student Climate Research Campaign (Global Learning & Observations to Benefit the Environment)

@GLOBEProgram - Global Learning & Observations to Benefit the Environment (UCAR Community Programs)

@NCAREOL - NCAR's Earth Observing Laboratory

@NCARGIS - The NCAR GIS Program, fostering interdisciplinary science via geographic information systems

@NCAR_RDA - NCAR/CISL's Research Data Archive

@NSDL - National Science Digital Library for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics

@NWSCproject - NCAR–Wyoming Supercomputing Center

@UCARSciEd - UCAR Center for Science Education

@Unidata - UCAR's Unidata Program Center (UCAR Community Programs)

@USCLIVAR - U.S. Climate Variability and Predictability Research Program (UCAR Community Programs/JOSS)

@VSPrograms - UCAR's Visiting Scientist Programs (UCAR Community Programs)

Follow all in one list:

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UCARConnect - Fostering Knowledge in Earth System Science

AtmosNews - NCAR & UCAR Science

cismHAO - The Center for Integrated Space Weather Modeling at NCAR's High Altitude Observatory

COMETMetEd - The COMET Program's MetEd - Education & Professional Training in the Geosciences from UCAR

The GLOBE Program - Global Learning & Observations to Benefit the Environment (UCAR Community Programs)

HIPPONCAR - HIAPER Pole-to-Pole Observations Project

NCARarchives - Documenting the history of NCAR and UCAR research, technology, education, and community building

NCAREOL - NCAR's Earth Observing Laboratory

UCARVETS - Scientific Visualizations from NCAR & UCAR by NCAR's Visualization and Enabling Technologies Section (CISL/VETS)

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National Center for Atmospheric Research

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Climate Voices Network

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AtmosNews : NCAR & UCAR Science

The GLOBE Program


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Flickr icon  Flickr

AtmosNews - NCAR & UCAR's photostream - Hghlights from our Digital Image Library

COMETWx - Weather and environmental science pictures to share with and from UCAR's COMET and MetEd communities

NCAR Archives

Google Plus icon Google+

AtmosNews - NCAR & UCAR Science

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National Science Digital Library (website with information and links)
Includes content from COMET's MetEd, Communications, and Education & Outreach

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Wiki & Blogs


The UCAR Wiki is a collaborative tool where staff at NCAR, UCAR, and external collaborators can create, edit, or link to pages on the Web, exchange files, and share their work with the public or select groups with restricted access. External collaborators can be assigned a password to participate.



  •  The Bogdan Blog - for UCAR and NCAR staff and official visitors (login required)

Field Projects


(field blogs generally become inactive once field operations end)


These social networks from across our organization support the mission of NCAR and UCAR.