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RSS icon Upcoming UCAR Live webcasts

A feed of upcoming seminars and workshops, broadcast live from our five auditoriums. [Home page]


News, views, and analysis of weather, climate, and related fields from the National Center for Atmospheric Research, the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, and our partners at universities, laboratories, and research centers across the country and around the world.
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Weather Research

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Climate & Climate Change

Computer Modeling

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Air Quality & Pollution

Energy & Sustainability

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Field Projects & Instruments

Data & Data Analysis

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Education & Training


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Land & Vegetation


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Sun & Space Weather


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Policy & Society



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RSS iconNews Releases

Science and education news from NCAR, UCAR, and our research partners. [Home page
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RSS iconIn Brief

Stay in the know about emerging research, upcoming field programs, and other developments in the world of atmospheric research.[Home page]

RSS iconJust Published

A brief look at peer-reviewed research on weather, climate, and related topics from NCAR and partners.[Home page]

RSS iconPerspective

Ideas and analysis from a first-person viewpoint. [Home page]


Everything in One Feed

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Related Feeds of Interest

RSS iconProfessional Training - COMET/MetEd Modules   

Find a wealth of information, illustrations, and animations in these interactive education modules from MetEd, a service of UCAR's COMET Program for professionals, students, and anyone else interested in meteorology, weather hazards, hydrology, oceanography, emergency management, or environmental science. [Home page]

RSS iconVisuals & Multimedia in the News   

Find video, animations, and photos illustrating our research, field projects, and other news on a broad range of topics.
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