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AtmosNews (2009-present)

Our flagship publication, AtmosNews covers research, education, and community activities at NCAR, UCAR, and beyond. The online edition launched in 2012. The archive includes major stories from its predecessor, UCAR Magazine, dating back to 2009.

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A print edition of AtmosNews was published during 2012. Prior print newsletters have included:

UCAR Magazine (2009–2011, full online archive)

UCAR Quarterly (1994–2008, full online archive)

UCAR Newsletter (1977–1994, print archive only)


Highlights & Anniversary Publications

UCAR Highlights (1960–2010)

A summary of NCAR and UCAR research, technology, and education activities, first published on our 25th anniversary and every two or more years thereafter.

Archive (1960–2010)


NCAR & UCAR News Releases

Our news releases highlight breakthroughs in understanding, advances in technology, innovative educational efforts, and related news about the atmosphere, Sun, and Earth system.

Archive by year (1994–present)

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Staff Notes Magazine (Archive)

Before it became a daily digital newsletter for staff, Staff Notes was a print magazine that appeared first weekly, then monthly, then bimonthly. In 2012, articles of interest to staff became Staff News.

A Brief History of Staff Notes Magazine —and NCAR/UCAR (1966–2011)

Archive by Issue:  full issues in HTML or PDF (1994–2011)

Archive of Print Edition: Scanned versions of the print edition, searchable via the NCAR LIbrary's OpenSky collection (1966–2011)

Or, for all print and online-only content from 1994 onward, use the search engine at the top of this or any other page on our site.



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