Zhenya Gallon

NCAR|UCAR Communications


Senior Editor: News & Social Media
Media Relations Associate

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ScienceSeeker Awards

Finalist: Best physics, astronomy, or Earth science post

2013, for Phenomenon of the year: Sandy’s stunning surge, by Bob Henson

International Society for Technical Communication

Distinguished (First Place)

2001, for UCAR at 40, by Bob Henson, with Nita Razo

1999, for UCAR Highlights 1998/1999, by Bob Henson and Carol Rasmussen, with Nita Razo, and Visual Science, Inc.

Merit (Third Place)

2003, for UCAR Highlights 2002, by Bob Henson and David Hosansky, with Carlye Calvin, Nita Razo, and Lizzardbrand Design

My background

I came to NCAR|UCAR Communications in January 1997 from the Institute of Behavioral Science, an interdisciplinary center for social science research within the University of Colorado–Boulder. My degree from CU-Boulder is in interpersonal and organizational communication with emphases in rhetoric, cross-cultural communication, and conflict resolution. Past efforts include radio production for Boulder's community radio station, KGNU-FM, and publicity and public information for several nonprofit labor and social justice organizations.


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