Our Organizational Structure at a Glance



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NCAR Laboratories

ACOMAtmospheric Chemistry Observations & Modeling Laboratory 
CIMCommunity in Situ Measurements 
SRSSatellite and Remote Sensing 
CMChemistry Modeling 

CGDClimate & Global Dynamics Laboratory 
AMPAtmospheric Modeling & Predictability 
CASClimate Analysis 
CCRClimate Change Research 
TSSTerrestrial Sciences 

CISLComputational & Information Systems Laboratory 
IMAGeInstitute for Mathematics Applied to Geosciences 
NWSCNCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center 
OSDOperations & Services Division 
TDDTechnology Development Division 

EOLEarth Observing Laboratory 
CDSComputing, Data & Software Facility 
DFSDesign & Fabrication Services 
FPSField Project Services 
ISFIn-Situ Sensing Facility   
RAFResearch Aviation Facility   
RSFRemote Sensing Facility 

HAOHigh Altitude Observatory 
AIMAtmosphere, Ionosphere & Magnetosphere Section 
LSVLong-term Solar Variability Section  
STSWSolar Transients & Space Weather Section  

MMMMesoscale & Microscale Meteorology Laboratory 
BLTBoundary Layer & Turbulence 
DAData Assimilation 
MDMesoscale Dynamics 
MPMesoscale Prediction 
PMPhysical Meteorology 
RCRegional Climate 

RALResearch Applications Laboratory 
AAPAviation Applications Program 
CSAPClimate Science and Applications Program 
HAPHydrometeorological Applications Program 
JNTJoint Numerical Testbed 
NSAPNational Security Applications Program 
WSAPWeather Systems & Assessment Program 


NCAR Programs & Library

ASP Advanced Study Program 
LibNCAR Library 
 NCAR & UCAR Archives 


NCAR Director's Office

NCAR DirNCAR Director's Office 
B&PBudget & Planning Office 


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UCAR Community Programs

COSMIC Constellation Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere & Climate 
CPAESSCooperative Programs for the Advancement of Earth System Science
GLOBE GLOBE Implementation Office
SciEdUCAR Center for Science Education
 SOARS Program | UCARConnect
Unidata Unidata Program Center 

UCP Director's Office

UCP Dir UCP Directorate
UCP Budget
UCP Budget & Administration Office

UCAR President's Office

PresPresident's Office
CommsCommunications Office | Media Relations
DevDevelopment & Partnerships
GovRelGovernment Relations
Members Membership & Governance
LegalOffice of General Counsel
UnivRelUniversity Relations

HRHuman Resources

F&AFinance & Administration
B&FBudget & Finance
FMS&SFacilities Management, Safety & Sustainability
ITInformation Technology
TreasTreasury Office

UCAR Foundation

UCARFUCAR Foundation - Technology Commercialization