Our Organizational Structure at a Glance



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NCAR Laboratories

ACOMAtmospheric Chemistry Observations & Modeling Laboratory 
CIMCommunity in Situ Measurements 
SRSSatellite and Remote Sensing 
CMChemistry Modeling 

CGDClimate & Global Dynamics Laboratory 
AMPAtmospheric Modeling & Predictability 
CASClimate Analysis 
CCRClimate Change Research 
TSSTerrestrial Sciences 

CISLComputational & Information Systems Laboratory 
IMAGeInstitute for Mathematics Applied to Geosciences 
NWSCNCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center 
OSDOperations & Services Division 
TDDTechnology Development Division 

EOLEarth Observing Laboratory 
CDSComputing, Data & Software Facility 
DFSDesign & Fabrication Services 
FPSField Project Services 
ISFIn-Situ Sensing Facility   
RAFResearch Aviation Facility   
RSFRemote Sensing Facility 

HAOHigh Altitude Observatory 
AIMAtmosphere, Ionosphere & Magnetosphere Section 
LSVLong-term Solar Variability Section  
STSWSolar Transients & Space Weather Section  

MMMMesoscale & Microscale Meteorology Laboratory 
C3WECapacity Center for Climate & Weather Extremes 
DPMDynamical & Physical Meteorology 
PARCPrediction, Assimilation & Risk Communication 
WMRWeather Modeling & Research 

RALResearch Applications Laboratory 
AAPAviation Applications Program 
CSAPClimate Science and Applications Program 
HAPHydrometeorological Applications Program 
JNTJoint Numerical Testbed 
NSAPNational Security Applications Program 
WSAPWeather Systems & Assessment Program 


NCAR Programs & Library

ASP Advanced Study Program 
LibNCAR Library 
 NCAR & UCAR Archives 


NCAR Director's Office

NCAR DirNCAR Director's Office 
B&PBudget & Planning Office 


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UCAR Community Programs

COSMIC Constellation Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere & Climate 
CPAESSCooperative Programs for the Advancement of Earth System Science
GLOBE GLOBE Implementation Office
SciEdUCAR Center for Science Education
 SOARS Program | UCARConnect
Unidata Unidata Program Center 

UCP Director's Office

UCP Dir UCP Directorate
UCP Budget
UCP Budget & Administration Office

UCAR President's Office

PresPresident's Office
CommsCommunications Office | Media Relations
DevDevelopment & Partnerships
GovRelGovernment Relations
Members Membership & Governance
LegalOffice of General Counsel
UnivRelUniversity Relations

HRHuman Resources

F&AFinance & Administration
T&FTreasury & Finance
FMS&SFacilities Management, Safety & Sustainability
ITInformation Technology

UCAR Foundation

UCARFUCAR Foundation - Technology Commercialization