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These current and former staff and visitors have been recognized for noteworthy contributions in support of our mission. The earliest entry for each award indicates the year of its inception; missing years thereafter indicate no winner in that category for that year.

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Distinguished Achievement Award

Our Organization's Highest Honor

Outstanding Accomplishment Awards

Administrative Achievement
Education and Outreach
Outstanding Publication
Scientific and Technical Advancement
Technical or Research Support

Distinguished Achievement Award

Our Organization's Highest Honor

Charlie Martin - 2015
for his unique vision, which led to the development and integration of Field Programmable Gate Array technology into several NSF remote sensing platforms

William "Al" Cooper
- 2013
for his lead role in coordinating the creation and integration of 14 externally developed instruments installed on the NSF/NCAR HIAPER Gulfstream V jet

Matthias Rempel
- 2012
for his groundbreaking numerical simulations capturing the 3-D structure of sunspots, which have definitively established the magnetic flow and thermal structure of sunspots and active regions, and have yielded transformative insights into their origin and evolution

Dean Lauritsen, Terry Hock - 2011
for their leadership and central role in developing innovative new dropsonde technology as well as transformative delivery systems
Bruce Lites - 2010
for his leadership and continuous support of spectro-polarimetry programs at NCAR and in the solar community worldwide
Jack Fox - 2009
for transforming the EOL Design and Fabrication Services into a world-class premier facility to design and build equipment for atmospheric and related research
Kevin Trenberth - 2003
for his publication record, which is highly influential and widely cited, as well as for his participation on a large number of professional committees and panels and his substantial contribution to public outreach and education
Timothy Brown - 2001
for his pioneering work in detecting extrasolar planets, including the first direct detection of an atmosphere on a planet outside our solar system

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Outstanding Accomplishment Awards


Administrative Achievement


Krista Laursen, Aaron Andersen, Gary New, Amy Smith, Amy Moore, Jim Van Dyke, Del Harris, Matt McMullen, and Lori Lincoln - 2013

for the completion of the NWSC computing facility two months ahead of schedule and nearly $4 million under budget.

Faith Percell, Jamaica Jones, Jonathan Ostwald, Kate Legg, Katy Ginger, Leslie Forehand, Loretta Melhado, Lynne Davis, Mary Chavez, Michael Flanagan, Sharon Clark - 2010

for the development of OpenSky, an institutional repository for UCAR, NCAR, and UCP that provides access to UCAR's scholarly output, creating global visibility and accessibility, while preserving these institutional assets for future use

Amy Smith, Gina Taberski, Ingrid Moore, Jeff Reaves, Kim Prinzi-Kimbro, Meg McClellan - 2008

for their work on COSMIC/FORMOSAT-3 (Constellation Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere, and Climate/Formosa Satellite Mission #3).  This team assumed overall leadership for the program, continually evaluated and effectively managed the risks, negotiated the numerous agreements among the various parties (including the government of Taiwan), and engaged in extensive shuttle diplomacy to resolve the many issues that arose.  Unprecedented for UCAR in its complexity and magnitude, this program required a great deal of creativity and innovation to manage the financial, contractual, and legal risks that it posed.

Amy Bauer-Moore, Bev Broach, David Waltman, Gina Taberski, Jeff Custard, Lisha Kramer, Marla Meehl - 2007

for the development of the UCAR Point of Presence (UPoP) entity, a consortium of Colorado educational, nonprofit, and government entities that share wide-area networking services and access to the National LambdaRail

Geoff Cheeseman, Pat Munson - 2005

for professional excellence and innovativeness demonstrated during the acquisition of the HIAPER aircraft

Peggy Taylor - 2003

for her professional excellence associated with field deployment logistics for four field programs, all of which proved exceptionally challenging

Marla Meehl, Pete Siemsen, Scot Colburn - 2002

for founding and operating the Front Range GigaPOP

Dan Wilson - 2001

for innovative analyses of financial tools that have saved UCAR more than $4 million

Barb Bunting, Karl Werner, Karla Edwards, Kevin Welsh, Kristian Woyna, Rich Johnson, Shelley Richards-Craig, Steve Hinson, Vance Howard - 2000

for creating and implementing the automated time-card reporting system

Eron Brennan - 1998

for development of UCAR's multimedia capabilities

Aaron Andersen - 1997

for the design, development, and implementation of NCAR's Web-based Room Reservation System

Anita Monk, Teresa Shibao - 1996

for devising and implementing the new long-distance call accounting system

Greg McArthur - 1995

for his leadership and contributions in World Wide Web technology at NCAR and UCAR

Beth Stansberry - 1994

for procurement and support for the RAF Research Aircraft Restructuring Program and other ATD activities

Velma Ryan - 1993

for her management of the NCAR cafeteria at the Mesa and Foothills laboratories

Brigitte Baeuerle - 1992

for her work on international logistics of TOGA COARE

Doug Chaney, Stan McLaughlin - 1991

for designing and developing SCD's System Configuration and Interconnection Document

Ed Aden - 1990

for his operation of the NCAR electronics store over 23 years

Steve Sadler - 1989

for overseeing asbestos removal at the Mesa Lab

Glenn Pursifull - 1988

for sustained performance as NCAR's lead stationary engineer

Lainie Clark - 1987

for her work in administering annual blanket orders

David Waltman - 1986

for 20 years of outstanding service to NCAR

Landis Parsons - 1985

for his work as contracts officer

(dual award) - 1984

Nelder Medrud for his sustained history of service over 18 years
Jeff Reaves for his work in contract administration

(dual award) - 1983

Teresa LaCrue Rivas for her administrative service and acumen
Barry White for 15 years of service as the painter of the Mesa Lab walls

Rose Bridgewater - 1982

for her years of service as manager of NCAR's Office Services Department

Robert Greenwald - 1981

for his procurement work on such items as building the launch pad at the National Scientific Balloon Facility




Mary Barth - 2015

for contributing to the diversity of the workforce in the field of atmospheric sciences and for being an excellent role model, in particular for females entering and working their way through the field of atmospheric sciences

Rebecca Haacker - 2014

for enhancing the organization's direct impact on the diversity of the geoscience workforce and for strategically setting in motion a sea change in how internships mentor and retain underrepresented students across the nation

Scott Sewell - 2013

for his leadership in creating HAO internship opportunities for engineering students from under-represented groups

Christine Wiedinmyer - 2011

for innovative and continuing activities to reduce obstacles and enhance opportunities for women and other underrepresented groups in the geosciences

Astrid Maute - 2010

for her long-time involvement and leadership role in the American Association for University Women (AAUW) and particularly for her contributions to the Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) conference


Education and Outreach


Olga Wilhelmi, Jennifer Boehnert, and Kevin Sampson - 2015

for enabling students, researchers, practitioners, and public officials worldwide to more effectively use weather and climate research data and knowledge products for research, education, and decision-making with Geographic Information System (GIS) methods and tools

Alison Rockwell - 2014

for single-handedly developed the EOL Program for Education and Public Engagement to help PIs implement targeted education and outreach activities as part of their field campaigns

Joan Burkepile, Don Kolinski, Mark Miesch, Becca Hatheway, Linda Carbone, Greg Card, Rebecca Centeno Elliott, Yuhong Fan, Ben Foster, Susan Foster, Sarah Gibson, Alice Lecinski, Gang Lu, Ron Lull, Dave Maddy, Astrid Maute, Art Richmond, and Randy Russell - 2013

for their roles in designing, building, and displaying the HAO mural and the Sun-Earth Connections exhibit at the Mesa Laboratory.

Dennis Shea, Mary Haley, David Brown - 2012

for providing training in the use of the NCAR Command Language as well as programming and the fundamentals of scientific data analysis and visualization in the Earth system sciences. 30 workshops have been taught with 563 students, showing both extreme dedication and flexibility in modifying the workshops to address the specific needs of the community.

Jim Wilson, Rita Roberts - 2011

for teaching students, scientists, and weather forecasters how to make better forecasts of convective weather with Autonowcaster, a forecast decision system that incorporates much of their research and is now operational in selected U.S. National Weather Service, Army, and international forecast offices

Briesa St. Martin, Jim Moore, Jorgen Jensen, Kathleen Barney, Maureen Donovan, Santiago Newbury, Scott Briggs, Steven Oncley, Wen-Chau Lee - 2010

with Steven Rutledge (Colorado State University), Patrick Kennedy (Colorado State University), Robert Cifelli (formerly Colorado State University, now at NOAA), Al Rodi (University of Wyoming), and Jeff French (University of Wyoming) for their organization of the 2009 Advanced Study Program Colloquium, "Exploring the Atmosphere:  Observational Instruments and Techniques"

Don Murray, Jeff McWhirter, Yuan Ho - 2008

for the design, development, support and advancement of the Integrated Data Viewer (IDV) to foster education and outreach in the geosciences.  The IDV has revolutionized the way educators visualize and analyze geoscience data and has transformed the learning environment by allowing students to easily access the same databases used by scientists and forecasters inside and outside the classroom.

Cynthia "Cindy" Schmidt, Gloria Kelly, Jeff Fiedler, Laura Curtis - 2007

for their role in educating Congress about our community’s scientific research through UCAR briefings on Capitol Hill over the past five years

Dennis Ward, Dolores Kiessling, Janine Goldstein, Jeff Weber, Linda Carbone, Tim Barnes, William Bradley - 2006

for hosting Super Science Saturday in support of UCAR’s mission to educate the public about the atmospheric and related sciences, including  the immense organizational effort, creativity, and commitment to excellence on the part of the organizers

Darin Oman, Dianne Bernier, Don Middleton, Joey Mendoza, John Clyne, Susan Cross, Tim Scheitlin - 2005

for providing unique educational presentations and outreach material on a creative, three-dimensional display that engages and educates audiences of all ages and levels of scientific understanding

Anatta, Bob Henson, Carlye Calvin, David Hosansky, Lucy Warner, Mike Shibao, Nicole Gordon, Nita Razo, Sonja Stevenson, Yvonne Mondragon, Zhenya Gallon - 2004

for consistent, award-winning work in publicizing achievements of UCAR, NCAR, and the atmospheric sciences for broad audiences ranging from the community to the public

Eileen McIlvain, Holly Devaul, John Weatherley, Kathryn Ginger, Lynne Davis, Marianne Weingroff, Peter Burkholder, Ryan Deardorff - 2003

for adding major new functionality and enhancement to the Digital Library for Earth System Education, enabling it to better support the geosciences education community

Cynthia "Cindy" Schmidt - 2002

for her work on numerous initiatives to enhance the public's understanding of scientific, technical, and societal issues in the atmospheric and related sciences

Morris Weisman - 2001

for synthesizing advances in convective storm research, developing innovative teaching materials, and instructing both operational forecasters and university students

Karon Kelly - 2000

for her leadership and extraordinary service in initiating and sustaining K–12 and public science education efforts

Bev Lynds - 1999

for her contributions to science education, culminating in the creation of the Skymath teaching modules

Charlie Knight, Kevin Petty, Raj Pandya - 1998

for significant contributions to bringing current knowledge on weather and climate to teachers throughout Colorado through NCAR's Project LEARN (Laboratory Experience in Atmospheric Research at NCAR)

Bob Henson - 1997

for his creative writings and presentations on atmospheric science over the past eight years

Jack Fox, Jim Holt - 1996

for their contribution to the Student Nitric Oxide Explorer (SNOE) initiative

Margaret "Peggy" LeMone - 1995

for more than two decades of contributions toward numerous educational endeavors at all grade levels

Patrick Kennedy - 1994

for over 20 years of outstanding service in K-12 science education throughout North America




Geoff Tyndall - 2015

for a sustained and exemplary effort, over the last six to seven summers in particular, to incorporate students into the ACOM research environment

Greg Holland - 2014

for commitment to mentoring throughout his career not only advanced the careers of fortunate mentees but also had broader impacts across UCAR through increased diversity in the workplace, proposal success rates, innovative interdisciplinary research papers, and closer integration of UCAR science with society

Maura Hagan - 2013

for actively mentoring scientists at all stages of their careers throughout her own distinguished career at NCAR, including a significant number of women and members of underrepresented ethnicities in the atmospheric and related sciences

Boon Chye Low - 2011

for enhancing the professional development of numerous students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior scientists at NCAR through his exemplary and sustained mentoring efforts

Arthur Richmond - 2010

for his exemplary and sustained mentoring efforts that directly enhance the professional development of numerous scientists at all stages of their careers from undergraduates to postdoctoral scientists and beyond

Jielun Sun - 2009

for her many mentoring activities, particularly for non-U.S. born individuals, through the Communicating Science Program and especially the English as a Second Language component of that program

Christopher Davis - 2008

for mentoring efforts that have influenced and motivated numerous graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and junior scientists.  Chris has had – and continues to have – a significant impact on the professional development of individuals both within NCAR and in the university community at large.  He is relentless in providing encouragement and supportive leadership to his protégés in ways that lead them to think for themselves.

William "Al" Cooper - 2006

From 1996-2005, Al was director of the Advanced Study Program (ASP), where he mentored a long stream of postdoctoral fellows, who are still deeply indebted to him. Al is a master at helping graduate students orchestrate smooth transitions to mature scientists. Al was also the driving force behind the creation of NCAR’s Thompson Lecture Series and the Junior Faculty Forum on Future Scientific Directions.

Chris Snyder - 2005

for his exceptional mentoring of postdoctoral researchers, early career scientists, and graduate students. Chris mentors in many ways: patiently introducing junior scientists to new scientific areas, providing a clear and positive example of how to frame and approach research questions, and building mentees’ capacities to address their own research interests.

Jim Wilson - 2004

for providing meaningful mentorship to a broad range of people, from junior and senior scientists, administrators, and engineers to various levels of students. Jim transcends cultural, gender, job classification, divisional, institutional, and national boundaries to identify and encourage the special talents of others.


Outstanding Publication


Roy Rasmussen, Changhai Liu, Kyoko Ikeda, David Gochis, David Yates, Fei Chen, Michael Barlage, Jimy Dudhia, Wei Yu, Kathleen Miller, Vanda Grubišić, Gregory Thompson, and Ethan Gutmann - 2015

Roy Rasmussen, Changhai Liu, Kyoko Ikeda, David Gochis, David Yates, Fei Chen, Michael Barlage, Jimy Dudhia, Wei Yu, Kathleen Miller, Vanda Grubišić, Gregory Thompson, and Ethan Gutmann, with Mukul Tewari (IBM Watson Research Center) and Kristi Arsenault (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), 2011: High-resolution coupled climate runoff simulations of seasonal snowfall over Colorado: A process study of current and warmer climate. Journal of Climate, 24 (11), 3015-3048

Stephen Yeager, Alicia Karspeck, Gokhan Danabasoglu, Joe Tribbia, and Haiyan Teng - 2014

Stephen Yeager, Alicia Karspeck, Gokhan Danabasoglu, Joe Tribbia, and Haiyan Teng, 2012: A decadal prediction case study: Late Twentieth-Century North Atlantic Ocean heat content. Journal of Climate, 25, 5173–5189, doi: 10.1175/JCLI-D-11-00595.1

Bruce Lites - 2013

with Masahito Kubo (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan), Hector Socas-Navarro (Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias), Thomas Berger (National Solar Observatory), Zoe Frank (Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory), Richard Shine (Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory), Ted Tarbell (Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory), Alan Title (Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory), Kiyoshi Ichimoto (Kyoto University), Yukio Katsukawa (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan), Saku Tsuneta (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan), Yoshinori Sematsu (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan), Toshifumi Shimizu (Institute of Space and Astronautical Science), and Shinich Nagata (Kyoto University), for “The Horizontal Magnetic Flux of the Quiet-Sun Internetwork as Observed with the Hinode Spectro-Polarimeter," The Astrophysical Journal 672, 1237-1253. The paper produced a major paradigm shift in the understanding of the nature of solar magnetic fields by overturning a concept about these fields that had been accepted for 40 years.

Thomas Karl, Peter Harley, Louisa Emmons, Alex Guenther, Andrew Turnipseed, Brenda Thornton - 2012

Karl, T., P. Harley, L. Emmons, B. Thornton, A. Guenther, C. Basu, A. Turnipseed, and K. Jardine, 2010:  Efficient atmospheric cleansing of oxidized organic trace gases by vegetation.  Science, 330, 816-819. Karl, et al. present the previously unknown role that vegetation plays in cleansing the atmosphere.  This result was carried from initial field measurements, through laboratory analysis, and finally incorporated into a modeling system to assess its broader impact on the Earth’s carbon cycle. 

Tom Warner - 2011

for his book Numerical Weather and Climate Prediction, a remarkably comprehensive, integrative treatment of all principal topics in both weather and climate modeling (posthumous)

Philip Judge, Scott McIntosh, Steve Tomczyk - 2010

with Stephen Keil (National Solar Observatory), Thomas Schad (University of Notre Dame), Dan Seeley (Framingham High School), and Justin Edmondson (University of Michigan) for Alfvén waves in the solar corona. Science, 317, 1192-1196

Bill Skamarock - 2009

for "Evaluating Mesoscale NWP Models Using Kinetic Energy Spectra". Monthly Weather Review, 132, 3019-3032

Britton Stephens - 2008

with K. Gurney, Pieter P. Tans, Colm Sweeney, Wouter Peters, Lori Bruhwiler, Philippe Ciais, Michel Ramonet, Philippe Bousquet, Takakiyo Nakazawa, Shuji Aoki, Toshinobu Machida, Gen Inoue, Nikolay Vinnichenko, Jon Lloyd, Armin Jordan, Martin Heimann, Olga Shibistova, Ray L. Langenfelds, L. Paul Steele, Roger J. Francey, and A. Scott Denning, 2007: "Weak northern and strong tropical land carbon uptake from vertical profiles of atmospheric CO2."  Science, 316, 1732-1735.
Past research has recognized that only half of the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere from fossil fuel combustion stays there and called it the "missing carbon sink". This paper is the first to answer what happens to that CO2—a longstanding mystery of the global carbon cycle—and concludes that this missing carbon sink does not exist. The finding has energized the carbon cycle community to test these conclusions.

Chris Snyder - 2007

with Fuqing Zhang (Texas A&M University) for Snyder, C. and F. Zhang, 2003: "Assimilation of simulated Doppler radar observations with an ensemble Kalman filter Mon. Wea. Rev., 131, 1663-1677.This study investigates the potential of the ensemble Kalman filter (EnkF) to assimilate  convective-scale radar data and thus improve short-term modeling of thunderstorms, whereas previously the EnkF had been applied only to larger-scale flows. The paper has stimulated several research efforts applying the technique to observations, and it now serves as the proof of concept for the use of the EnkF in assimilating radar data.

Christine Shields, Jeffrey Kiehl - 2006

for Kiehl, J.T. and C.A. Shields, 2005: Climate simulation of the latest Permian: Implications for mass extinction. Geology, 33, 757-760.0. The jury felt that this work and the resulting publication have "turned heads" far beyond the usual range. Using the fully coupled Community Climate System Model, Kiehl and Shields produced a result that matches the geological evidence. By doing so, they demonstrated the importance of ocean circulation to life on Earth and the importance of coupled ocean-atmosphere modeling, and they made a tremendous step forward in deep-time research.

Christopher Davis - 2005

with Lance Bosart (University of Albany, State University of New York), 2003: "Baroclinically Induced Tropical Cyclogenesis," Monthly Weather Review, 131, 2730-2747.
This paper, which examines the transition of extratropical disturbances into Atlantic tropical cyclones, combines real-data analysis with insightful and original scientific thinking to significantly improve our understanding of the development of tropical cyclones from baroclinic influences.

Chin-Hoh Moeng, Don Lenschow, Peter Sullivan, Thomas Horst - 2004

for their work on two articles, “HATS: Field observations to obtain spatially filtered turbulence fields from crosswind arrays of sonic anemometers in the atmospheric surface layer” (published in 2004 in Journal of Atmospheric Science, 41, 1566–1581) and “Structure of subfilter-scale fluxes in the atmospheric surface layer with application to large-eddy simulation modeling” (published in 2003 in Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 482, 101–139)

Mark Rast - 2003

for "The Thermal Starting Plume as an Acoustic Source," The Astrophysical Journal 524 (1), 462-468

David Ahijevych, John Tuttle, Richard "Rit" Carbone, Stan Trier - 2002

for "Inferences of predictability associated with warm season precipitation episodes," Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 59, 2033–2056

Andrew Crook, Juanzhen Sun - 2001

for "Dynamical and microphysical retrieval from Doppler radar observations using a cloud model and its adjoint. Part I: Model development and simulated data experiments," Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 54, 1642–1661; "Part II: Retrieval experiments of an observed Florida convective storm,"Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 55, 835–852, and "Real-time low-level wind and temperature analysis using single WSR-88D data," Weather and Forecasting 16, 117–132

Jeff Cole, Jothiram Vivekanandan, Roy Rassmussen - 2000

for "Common snowfall conditions associated with aircraft takeoff accidents," Journal of Aircraft 37, 110-116, and "The estimation of snowfall rate using visibility," Journal of Applied Meteorology 38,1542Ä1563

Boon Chye Low, Hans De Sterck - 1999

with Stefaan Poedts (Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium) for "Complex magnetohydrodynamic bow shock topology in field-aligned low-beta flow around a perfectly conducting cylinder," Physics of Plasma 5(11) 4015-4027

Don Lenschow, Krista Laursen, Lynn Russell - 1998

for contributions to "Bidirectional mixing in an ACE-1 marine boundary layer overlain by a second turbulent layer," Journal of Geophysical Research 103, No. D13 (1998), 16,411-16,432

James Hurrell - 1997

for "Decadal trends in the North Atlantic Oscillation [NAO]: regional temperatures and precipitation,"Science 269 (1995), 676-679, and "Influence of variations in extratropical wintertime teleconnections on Northern Hemisphere temperature," Geophysical Research Letters (GRL) 23 (1996), 665-668

Steve Tomczyk - 1996

for "An instrument to observe low-degree solar oscillations" (with Kim Streander, Greg Card, David Elmore, Howard Hull, and Alessandro Cacciani), Solar Physics 159 (1995), 1-21, and "Measurement of the rotation rate in the deep solar interior" (with Jesper Schou and Michael Thompson), Astrophysical Journal 488 (1995), L57-L60

Claire Granier, Guy Brasseur - 1995

for "Mount Pinatubo aerosols, chlorofluorocarbons, and ozone depletion," Science 257 (1992), 1239-1242

Richard Reed, Simon Low-Nam, Ying-Hwa "Bill" Kuo - 1994

for "Thermal structure and airflow in a model simulation of an occluded marine cyclone," MWR 120(1992), 2280-2297

Christopher Davis - 1993

for "A potential-vorticity diagnosis of the importance of initial structure and condensation heating in observed extratropical cyclogenesis," MWR 120 (1992), 2409-2428

Ralph Keeling, Stephen Shertz - 1992

for "Seasonal and interannual variations in atmospheric oxygen and implications for the global carbon cycle," Nature 358 (1992), 723-727

Andrew Crook - 1991

with Terry Clark and Mitchell Moncrieff for "The Denver cyclone. Part I: Generation in low Froude number flow," JAS 47 (1990), 2725-2742; and "The Denver cyclone, Part II: Interaction with the convective boundary layer," JAS 48 (1991), 2109-2126

Rolando Garcia - 1990

with Susan Solomon, George Reid, and Susan Avery for "Transport of nitric oxide and the D. region winter anomaly," JGR 92 (1987), 977-994

Chin-Hoh Moeng, John Wyngaard - 1989

for "Statistics of conservative scalars in the convective boundary layer," JAS 41 (1984), 3161-3169; "Analysis of closures for pressure-scalar covariances in the convective boundary layer," JAS 43 (1986), 2499-2513; "Spectral analysis of large-eddy simulations of the convective boundary layers," JAS 45(1988), 3573-3587; "Evaluation of turbulent transport and dissipation closures in second-order modeling" JAS 46 (1989), 2311- 2330.

(dual award) - 1988

Boon-Chye Low for "Electric current sheet formation in a magnetic field induced by continuous magnetic footpoint displacements," Astrophysical Journal 323 (1987), 358-367; and Low and R. Wolfson, "Spontaneous formation of electric current sheets and the origins of solar flares," Astrophysical Journal 324 (1988), 574- 781

Smolarkiewicz, Roy Rasmussen,
and Terry Clark for "On the dynamics of Hawaiian cloud bands: Island forcing," JAS 43 (1986), 1872-1905

(dual award) - 1987

Richard Harrison
for "Solar Coronal Mass Ejections and Flares," Astronomy and Astrophysics 162 (1986), 283-291

Allan Lazrus, Gregory Kok, with Sonia Gitlin and John Lind for "Automated fluorometric method for hydrogen peroxide in atmospheric precipitation," Analytical Chemistry 57 (1985), 917-922; Lazrus, Kok, and Brian Heikes (with Gitlin, Lind, and Richard Shetter), "Automated fluorometric method for hydrogen peroxide in air," Analytical Chemistry 58 (1986), 594-597; Kok and Lazrus (with Kathleen Thompson), "Derivatization technique for the determination of peroxides in precipitation," Analytical Chemistry 58 (1986), 1192- 1194; Heikes, Kok, and Lazrus (with James Walega), "H202, O3, and SO2 measurements in the lower troposphere over the eastern United States during fall," JGR 92 (1987), 915-931

(dual award) - 1986

James Dye  with J. Jones, W. Winn, T. Cerni, B. Gardiner, D. Lamb, R. Pitter, J. Hallett, and C. Saunders
for "Early electrification and precipitation development in a small, isolated Montana cumulonimbus," JGR 91 (1986), 1231-1247
Gary Klaassen, Terry Clark
for "Dynamics of the cloud-environment interface and entrainment in small cumuli: Two-dimensional simulations in the absence of ambient shear," JAS 42 (1985), 2621- 2642

(dual award) - 1985

Maurice Blackmon, John Geisler, Gary Bates, Salvador Munoz with Eric Pitcher for "A general circulation model study of January climate anomaly patterns associated with interannual variation of equatorial Pacific sea surface temperatures, " JAS 40 (1983) 1410-1425; Blackmon, Bates, Geiser, and Munoz, "Sensitivity of January climate response to the magnitude and position of equatorial Pacific sea surface temperature anomalies," JAS 42 (1985) 1037-1049

Dimitri Milhalas, Barbara Mihalas
for Foundation of Radiation Hydrodynamics (Oxford, England: Oxford University Press, 1984)

Francis Bretherton, James Coakley - 1984

for "Cloud cover from high-resolution scanner data: detecting and allowing for partially filled fields of view, " JGR 87 (1982), 4917-4932; Coakley, "Properties of multilayered cloud systems from satellite imagery," JGR 88 (1983), 10818-10828; Coakley and Daniel Baldwin, "Towards the objective analysis of clouds from satellite imagery data," Journal of Climate and Applied Meteorology 23 (1984), 1065-1099

(dual award) - 1983

Victor Pizzo for "A three-dimensional model of corotating streams in the solar wind. 1: Theoretical foundations," JGR 83 (1978), 5563-5572; "2: Hydrodynamic streams," JGR 85 (1980), 727-743; "3: Magnetohydrodynamic streams," JGR 87 (1982), 4374-4394; Pizzo (with R. Schween, E. Marsch, H. Rosenbauer, K.-H. M¤hlhïuser, and F. M. Neubaue), "Determination of the solar wind angular momentum flux from the Helios data--an observation test of the Weber and Davis theory," Astrophysical Journal 271 (1983), 335-354

Joseph Tribbia for "On variational normal mode initialization," MWR 110 (1982), 455-470; Tribbia, David Williamson, and Roger Daley: "A unified analysis-initialization technique," MWR 111 (1983), 1517- 1536

Boon Chye Low - 1982

for "Nonlinear force-free magnetic fields," Reviews of Geophysics and Space Physics 20 (1982), 145-159

(dual award) - 1981

V. Ramanathan for "The role of ocean-atmospheric interaction in the CO2 climate problem, " JAS 38(1981), 918-930
Melvyn Shapiro for "Frontogenesis and geostrophically forced secondary circulations in the vicinity of jet-stream frontal zone systems," JAS 38 (1981), 955-973

(dual award) - 1980

William Holland with Peter Rhines for "An example of eddy-induced ocean circulation," Journal of Physical Oceanography 10 (1980), 1010-1031
Raymond Roble with Paul Hays for "A quasi-static model of global atmospheric electricity. 1: The lower atmosphere," JGR 84 (1979), 3291-3305; "2: Electrical coupling between the upper and lower atmosphere," JGR 84 (1979), 7247-7256

(dual award) - 1979

Joseph Klemp, Robert Wilhelmson for "The simulation of three-dimensional convective storm dynamics," JAS 35 (1978), p. 1070- 1096; "Simulations of right- and left-moving storms produced through storm splitting," JAS 35 (1978), 1907-1110; "A numerical study of storm splitting that leads to long-lived storms," JAS 35 (1978), p. 1974-198
Dimitri Mihalas for Stellar Atmospheres, 2nd ed. (San Francisco, Calif.: W. H. Freeman, 1978)

Grant Athay - 1978

for The Solar Chromosphere and Corona: The Quiet Sun (Dordrecht, The Netherlands: D. Reidel, 1976)

(dual award) - 1977

James McWilliams for "Maps from the mid-ocean dynamics experiment, part II: potential vorticity and its conservation," Journal of Physical Oceanography 6 (1976), 824-846

Arthur Hundhausen for "An interplanetary review of coronal holes," Coronal Holes and High Speed Wind Streams, ed. Jack Zirker (Boulder, Colo.: University of Colorado Press, 1977)

Douglas Lilly, Joseph Klemp - 1976

for "The dynamics of wave- induced downslope winds," JAS 32 (1976), 320-339

Gerald North - 1975

 for "Analytical solution to a simple climate model with diffusive heat transport," JAS 32 (1975), 1301-1307; and "Theory of energy-balance climate models," JAS 32 (1975), 2033- 2043

William "Al" Cooper - 1974

for "A possible mechanism for contact nucleation," JAS 31 (1974), 1832-1837

Rainer Bleck - 1973

for "Numerical forecasting experiments based on the conservation of potential vorticity on isentropic surfaces," JAM 12 (1973), 737-752

(dual award) - 1972

James Deardorff
for "Numerical investigations of neutral and unstable planetary boundary layers," JAS 29 (1972), 91-115
Art Hundhausen

for Coronal Expansion and Solar Wind
(New York: Springer-Verlaug, 1972), volume 5 in the series Physics and Chemistry in Space

Robert Dickinson - 1971

for "Analytical model for zonal winds in the tropics," Monthly Weather Review (MWR) 99 (1971)

Charles Knight, Nancy Knight - 1970

for "Hailstone embryos," JAS 27 (1970), 659-666; "Lobe structure of hailstones," JAS 27 (1970), 667-671; "The falling behavior of hailstones," JAS 27 (1970), 672- 681

Ed Zipser - 1969

for "The role of organized unsaturated convective downdrafts in the structure and rapid decay of an equatorial disturbance," Journal of Applied Meteorology (JAM) 8 (1969), 799-814

J. Doyne Sartor - 1968

for "The role of particle interactions in the distribution of electricity in thunderstorms," JAS 24 (1967), 601- 615

Harry van Loon - 1967

for "The half-yearly oscillation in middle and high southern latitudes and the coreless winter," Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences (JAS) 24 (1967), 472-486


Scientific and Technical Advancement


Linda Mearns, Seth McGinnis, Don Middleton, Eric Nienhouse, Nathan Hook, and Chi-Fan Shih - 2015

for their contributions to the North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program (NARCCAP) and for exploring the uncertainties of regional models by running multiple regional climate models driven by multiple global models over the North American domain. They produced multiple climate change scenarios and NARCCAP's data products has been used across widespread, targeted research communities, with 1,000 users registered, more than 130 scientific publications produced, and more than 1,000 citations to date.

Greg Card, Rebecca Centeno-Elliott, Michael Knölker, Alice Lecinski, Ron Lull, Chris Mahan, Jim Ranson, Rich Summers, Tom Wissman, Piyush Agrawal (CU), Justus Brosche (CU), Clemens Halbgewachs (University of Freiburg), Bruce Hardy (consultant), and Courtney Peck (CU)- 2014

for designing, building, rebuilding, and flying the Sunrise gondola and pointing system, which enabled groundbreaking observations of the Sun at spatio-temporal resolutions never before achieved

Britt Stephens, Pavel Romashkin, Henry Boynton, Ed Ringleman, John Cowan, Greg Bruning, Brent Kidd, Alison Rockwell, Vidal Salazar, and Janine Aquino - 2013

for their contributions to HIAPER Pole-to-Pole Observations (HIPPO), a multi-year, multi-phase field campaign that studied the latitudinal and vertical distribution of greenhouse gases and other atmospheric constituents across a domain stretching from the Arctic to the Antarctic. 

Jeff Anderson, Nancy Collins, Tim Hoar, Hui Liu, Kevin Raeder, Glen Romine - 2012

for developing the Data Assimilation Research Testbed which provides state-of-the-art and easy-to-use data assimilation tools for model users and developers as well as observational scientists.  The impact on atmospheric and related sciences has been truly transformative, and its impact is widespread – downloads include 48 UCAR Member universities and 360 other organizations.

NCAR/RAL Wind Power Forecasting System Team - 2011
William Mahoney, Gerry Wiener, Bill Myers, Yubao Liu, David Johnson, Seth Linden, Will Cheng, Brice Lambi, Arnaud Dumont, Julia Pearson, Luca Delle Monache, Gregory Roux, Branko Kosovic, John Exby, Yuewei Liu, Frank McDonough, Becky Ruttenburg, Doug Small, Tom Hopson, Wanli Wu, Alemu Tadesse, and Sue Ellen Haup 

for developing the NCAR/RAL Wind Power Forecasting System that enables utilities to integrate large amounts of wind energy into the power grid by providing comprehensive forecasts of wind power generation

Anne Holmes, Barbara Brown, Christopher Davis, David Ahijevych, Eric Gilleland, John Halley Gotway, Paul Oldenburg, Randy Bullock, Tara Jensen, Tressa Fowler - 2010

for developing and supporting Model Evaluation Tools (MET). MET is a highly configurable, state-of-the-art suite of verification tools used in 92 countries by more than 1000 registered users.

Greg Meymaris, John Hubbert, Mike Dixon, Scott Ellis - 2009

for developing the Clutter Mitigation Decision (CMD) algorithm. The CMD will help improve the understanding of the atmosphere, increase societal resilience to weather, and help provide world-class state-of-the-art radar data.

Bluefire Facilities Infrastructure Team - 2008
Gary NewJulie HarrisSteven Haynes, Dave Patterson, Dave Maddy, Brian McMillan, John Adamson, Matt Monahan, Dave Heckel, Gordon Kinn, John Harkness, Sandra Sundquist, Leonard Cooper, Bruce KovalskiKeith WhitePeter Chamberlain, and Bart Woodiel

for designing, implementing, and commissioning significant new ML infrastructure as part of the Bluefire Facilities Infrastructure Team.  Working within a very tight design and delivery schedule, BFIT effectively and efficiently solved numerous technical problems – including frequent scope changes from IBM, discovery and remediation of insufficient facility capabilities, and innovative fabrication techniques – and completed the project on time and under budget.

COSMIC team - 2007
Bill Kuo, Chris Rocken, Sergey Sokolovskiy, Stig Syndergaard, Bill Schreiner, Doug Hunt, Tae-Kwon Wee, Lidia Cucurull, James Johnson, Karl Hudnut, Maggie Sleziak-Sallee, andDave Ector

for UCAR’s portion of the design, execution and deployment of the six-satellite FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC mission. COSMIC is now averaging 1600 radio occultation soundings with global coverage to support atmospheric research and operational numerical weather prediction, climate monitoring, and space weather forecasting.

MOPITT team - 2006
John Gille, David Edwards, Merritt Deeter, Dan Ziskin, Barb Tunison, Dan Packman, Gene Francis, Juying Warner, Jean-Francois Lamarque, Valery Yudin, Boris Khattatov, Louisa Emmons, Shu-peng "Ben" Ho, Gabriele Pfister, Jean-Luc Attie, Debbie Mao, Jarmei Chen, Cheryl Craig, and Charles Cavanaugh

for their outstanding leadership, from the conception of MOPITT (Measurement Of Pollution In The Troposphere) through instrument design, algorithm development, and operational data processing to the resulting significant scientific analysis

David Brown, David Kennison, Dennis Shea, Fred Clare, Mary Haley, Richard Grubin, Sylvia Murphy - 2005

for the development of the NCAR Command Language. The NCL is a data analysis and visualization tool that enables scientists to easily and effectively access, analyze, and visualize geoscientific data on platforms ranging from personal systems to supercomputers.

John Michalakes - 2004

for his pioneering work in developing the software infrastructure for the Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) modeling system

Bart Woodiel, Clarke Chambellan, David Allen, Ed Mores, James Ellis, Jeff Bobka, Jerry Dryer, Jose Rivas, Karl Schwenz, Ken Harris, Steve Palmer, Steve Rauenbuehler, Walt Hodshon - 2003

for executing three separate, exceptionally complex and urgent projects for NCAR's Design and Fabrication Services during the last three years

Advanced Operational Aviation Weather System team - 2002
Bill Mahoney, Mike Dixon, Deirdre Garvey, Frank Hage, Celia Chen, David Johnson, Niles Oien, Susan Dettling, Carol Park, Jordan Powers, Bill Kuo, Jim Bresch, Dale Barker, and Al Bourgeois

for designing, developing, and deploying the Advanced Operational Aviation Weather System

4DWX team - 2001
Scott Swerdlin, Tom Warner, Cindy Mueller, Laurie Carson, Yubao Liu, Doug Lindholm, Rebecca Ruttenberg, Tom Saxen, Hank Fisher, Daran Rife, Troy Sandblom, Julien Chastang, David Hahn, Hsiao-Ming Hsu, Rong-Shyang Sheu, Steve Webb, David Leberknight, Fei Chen, Niles Oien, Jaimi Yee, Terri Betancourt, Carter Borst, Chris Davis, Simon Low-Nam, Al Bourgeois, and Kevin Manning

for their work in designing, developing, and implementing a Four-Dimensional Weather (4DWX) system

Al Phinney, Bart Woodiel, Bob Rilling, Brian Lewis, Dick Oye, Eric Loew, Joe Vinson, John Lutz, Michl Howard, Mike Strong, Mitch Randall, Paul Johnson - 2000

for development of the S-Pol weather radar

Frank Hage, Greg Thompson, Paddy McCarthy, Shelly Knight - 1999

for the development of the Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS)

GPS Dropsonde Team - 1998
Terry Hock, Hal Cole, Dean Lauritsen, Ken Norris, Ned Chamberlain, Errol Korn, and Chip Owens (NCAR) and Jim Franklin, Alan Goldstein, and Jeff Smith (NOAA), for development of the Global Positioning System (GPS) dropsonde system
Ben Herman, Bill Schreiner, Chris Rocken, Da Sheng Feng, Doug Hunt, Mike Exner, Randolph Ware, Sergey Sokolovskiy, Tom Meehan, Xiaolei Zou, Ying-Hwa "Bill" Kuo - 1997

for the design, development, and operation of the Global Positioning System/Meteorology (GPS/MET) payload on the MicroLab-1 satellite and associated software

Eric Loew, Joe Vinson, Mitch Randall - 1996

for development of the PC integrated radar acquisition (PIRAQ) board and the VMEBus integrated acquisition (VIRAQ) board

Chuck Frush, Craig Walther, Eric Loew, Mitch Randall, Peter Hildebrand, Richard Neitzel, Rick Parsons, Wen-Chau Lee - 1995

for development of the Electra Doppler Radar (ELDORA)

Aref Nammari, Bruce Gandrud, Darrel Baumgardner, Diana Rogers, Jim Dye, Keith Barr, Kim Weaver, Robert Knollenberg - 1994

for development of the multiangle spectrometer probe

Clarke Chambellan, David Elmore, Greg Card, Howard Hull, Kim Streander, Paula Rubin, Ron Errico, Terry Leach - 1993

for development of the advanced Stokes polarimeter

Anne-Leslie Barrett, Charlie Martin, David Carter, Hal Cole, John Wilson, Michl Howard, Mike Spowart, Terry Hock, Warner Ecklund - 1992

for developing the integrated sounding system network used in TOGA COARE

Charlie Martin, Joost Businger, Steve Semmer, Tony Delany - 1991

for development of the Atmosphere-Surface Turbulent Exchange Research Facility

David McFarland, Herminio Avila, Paul Spyers-Duran - 1990

for developing the airborne cryogenic frost-point hygrometer

Dean Lauritsen, Ken Norris, Sig Stenlund, Terry Hock, Tom Gardner, Vin Lally - 1989

for creation of the lightweight long-range aid to navigation (Loran) digital dropwindsonde

Bob Barron, Cleon Biter, Dave Albo, Gerry Wiener, Jon Lutz, Kristi Brislawn - 1988

for developing a display system for the terminal Doppler weather radar

Michael Coffey, William Mankin - 1987

for developing the enhanced airborne spectrometer system used in the Antarctic Ozone Hole Experiment

Daniel Haynes, David Elmore, Gregory Muir, Howard Hull, Kim Streander, Paula Rubin, Peter Bandurian, Terry Leach, Tim Brown - 1986

for developing the Fourier tachometer

Fred Brock, George Saum, Michl Howard, Steven Semmer - 1985

for their leadership in the design and development of the second- generation portable automated mesonet

Dean Lauritsen, Justin Smalley, Marcel Verstraete, Neil Carlson, Sig Stenlund - 1984

for their contributions to the Electrodynamics in the Middle Atmosphere program

Dennis Knowlton - 1983

for his role in the design and construction of the airborne data system used in NCAR aircraft

Charles Frush - 1982

for his work on NCAR's Doppler radars

Richard Oye - 1981

for developing software to edit data generated by Doppler radar

Robert Brown, Victor Borgogno - 1980

for developing the Research Data Support System

Arden Buck - 1979

for his development of the NCAR Lyman- alpha hygrometer

Douglas Roewe, John Gille, Paul Bailey, Stanley Nolte - 1978

for their work on limb-viewing techniques for the LIMS (Limb Infrared Monitor of the Stratosphere) satellite

David Robertson, Thomas Wright - 1977

for their development of the NCAR computer graphics software system

Thomas Baur - 1976

for instrumentation development on the Stokes polarimeter

Charles Frush - 1975

for the redesign and development of the 60- inch ruby lidar

Bryan Lee, Dale McKay, Dan Evans, George Saum, Hal Cole, Julian Pike, Kenneth Norris, P.K. Govind, Richard Barthuly, Robert King - 1974

for dropwindsonde development for the Global Atmospheric Research Program's Atlantic Tropical Experiment

Bob MacQueen, Charles Ross, Ernie Hildner, Gordon Newkirk, Jack Eddy, Jack Gosling, Stu Borland - 1973

for their White Light Coronagraph Experiment for the Apollo Telescope Mount aboard Skylab

Dave Fulker, Jordan Hastings, Mel Shapiro, Rainer Bleck - 1972

for developing, testing, and applying objective isentropic analysis schemes for the improvement of numerical weather forecasting


Technical or Research Support (1972-1999)


Rich Lueb - 1998

for the design and construction of whole-air sampling systems for two stratospheric aircraft, modification of existing instruments, and field deployment

Norm Zrubek - 1997

for 30 years of dedication and technical excellence in aeronautical engineering at NCAR's Research Aviation Facility

(dual award) - 1996

Jeff Cole for developing and supporting RAP's Snowfall Test Site at Marshall
Ben Foster for his support in development of HAO's series of thermospheric general circulation models

Glenn Davis, Mitch Baltuch, Robb Kambic, Steve Emmerson - 1995

for designing, developing, and deploying the Unidata Internet Data Distribution system

Jon Corbet - 1994

for planning and execution of computer network support for TOGA COARE

Edward Brown - 1993

for 30 years of support to RAF

Ken Scully, Kendall Southwick, Mark Bradford, Ron Murdock, Wayne Brazille - 1992

for data management achievements in the Stormscale Operational and Research Meteorology Program's Fronts Experiment Systems Test

Carmen Paneitz, Cathy Irwin, Errol Korn, Kurt Knudson - 1991

for deploying and maintaining surface and sounding systems

Dick Bobka - 1990

for 22 years of supporting field programs and maintaining equipment for ATD

Bob Carl, Ed Ringleman, Harold Barber, Jim Lundahl - 1989

for long-term accomplishment in maintaining NCAR's air fleet

(dual award) - 1988

Bill Bragg for delivering high-quality field support to NCAR's facility users
Bob Lee for 40 years of support to HAO

Dennis Joseph - 1987

for his work in adapting and moving to NCAR a data set of satellite observations

Gilbert Summers - 1986

for his exceptional performance during the Genesis of Atlantic Lows Experiment and the Frontal Air-Sea Interaction Experiment

Walter Grotewold - 1985

for 21 years of design and fabrication services

Norm Zrubek - 1984

for 16 years of sustained contribution in support of the users of NCAR research aircraft

Richard Lueb - 1983

for 20 years of developing varied sampling and telemetry systems

Marvin "Bud" Hewitt - 1982

for his long service to NCAR

(dual award) - 1981

Raymond Bovet for developing the software for the Mesoscale Research Section's VAX 11/780 minicomputer
Frank Grahek for designing a system that allowed for the first measurements of total elemental chlorine

Dean Frey, Dennis Joseph, Gregg Walters, Paul Mulder, Wilbur Spangler - 1980

for preparing a complete and accessible meteorological data set

Lynn Post - 1979

for her organization and direction of the word-processing committee

Justin Kitsutaka - 1978

for his long history of support in both technical and administrative areas

(dual award) - 1977

Edward Elsberry, Michl Howard for designing and supervising construction of the van for carrying the portable automated mesonet (PAM)
Vonda Giesey
for general administrative support, including conference management

(dual award) - 1976

Harold Cole for his support to the Viking project meteorological team
Dorothy Trotter for her contributions to analysis of scientific data in solar physics

K. Redman - 1975

for her general support to NCAR as a senior editor

Toni Chapman Biter - 1974

for her support to the National Hail Research Experiment

Ray Walling - 1973

for printing and reproduction support

Robert McBeth - 1972

for his achievement in supporting 155 days of field work composed of seven programs