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Since our founding in 1960, our staff members have been recognized for excellence in science, technology, education, and service by the major organizations in our field and beyond. The people and groups on this page were on staff at the time of the award and have received honors for significant achievement from the national and international societies, governments, and publications listed here. Please join us in celebrating their accomplishments.

Warren Washington receives the National Medal of Science from President Barack ObamaJump to awards from:

President of the United States of America



Tom Wigley - 1991


Frank A. Chambers Excellence in Air Pollution Control Award

Jack Calvert - 1986

for studies of the photochemistry and reaction kinetics of tropospheric pollutant molecules, which have been of major value in the elucidation of the complex mechanisms operative in the chemistry of the polluted troposphere. Also, for research adding to our knowledge of the reaction pathways of several classes of important pollutant species, including the sulfur and nitrogen oxides, ozone, hydrocarbons, aldehydes, and ketones


Member of the Academy

Warren Washington - 2009


AAAS Fellows

Peter Backlund
Eric Barron
Robert Dickinson
John Firor
Rex Fleming
John Gille
Jackson Herring
Robert Harriss
William Holland

Roy Jenne
Akira Kasahara
William Kellogg
Charles Knight
Margaret LeMone
Kevin Trenberth
Warren Washington
Tom Wigley

AAAS President

Walter Orr Roberts - 1968


Kenneth T. Whitby Award

James Smith - 2009

for outstanding technical contributions to aerosol science and technology by a young scientist


James E. Stewart Award

Warren Washington - 2010

for achievements in the energy field and outstanding leadership within the AABE organization and the community


George Ellery Hale Prize

Peter Gilman - 2006

for his unique insights and substantial scientific achievements in understanding the dynamics of the solar convection zone and the mechanism of the Sun's magnetic dynamo, and for his leadership and support of solar physics research programs. News Release

Karen Harvey Prize

Matthias Rempel - 2011

for groundbreaking work on the structure of sunspots and on flows and magnetic fields in the solar convection zone, and particularly for bringing state-of-the-art numerical methods to bear on these problems

Sarah Gibson - 2005

for her research on the role of helical magnetic fields in the structure and dynamics of the solar corona

Warner Prize

Dimitri Mihalas - 1974

for work on the theory of stellar atmospheres


Atmospheric Sciences Ascent Award

Andrew Gettelman - 2015
for demonstrated excellence in research and leadership in atmospheric and climate sciences fields

Climate Communication Prize

Kenneth Trenberth - 2013
for dedication and skill in communicating climate change to broad audiences. News Release

Jeffrey Kiehl - 2012

for promoting scientific literacy, clarity of message, and efforts to foster respect and understanding of science-based values as they relate to the implications of climate change. News Story

Editor's Citation for Excellence in Refereeing

Eric Gilleland - 2015

for work on the Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres

Claudia Tebaldi - 2014

for work on the Journal of Geophysical Research Letters

Mark Raleigh - 2013

for work on the Water Resources Research

Anne Smith - 2013

for work on Geophysical Research Letters

Andrew Heymsfield- 2008

for work on the Journal of Geophysical Research–Atmospheres

Barbara Emery - 2007

for work on Space Weather: The International Journal of Research and Applications

Kevin Trenberth - 2006

for work on Geophysical Research Letters

Markus Jochum - 2005

for work on Geophysical Research Letters

Gang Lu - 2001

for work on the Journal of Geophysical Research - Space Physics

Andrew Weinheimer - 1989

for work on the Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres

John Winchester - 1988

for work on Global Biogeochemical Cycle

Edward A. Flinn III Award

Jack Fellows - 1997

for unselfish cooperation in research through facilitating, coordinating, and implementing activities

Excellence in Geophysical Education Award

COMET Program - 2006

for outstanding efforts to provide and improve access to quality science education materials worldwide

James B. Macelwane Medal

Scott Doney - 2000
David Hanson - 1996
Ralph Cicerone - 1979
Thomas Holzer - 1978
Richard Lindzen - 1969

William Bowie Medal

Raymond Roble - 2013
for pioneering research into Earth’s upper atmosphere. News Release

Bernhard Haurwitz - 1970

for outstanding contributions to fundamental geophysics and for unselfish cooperation in research

Sydney Chapman - 1962

Yoram J. Kaufman Award for Unselfish Cooperation in Research

Alex Guenther - 2011

for broad influence in atmospheric science through exceptional creativity, inspiration of younger scientists, mentoring, international collaborations, and unselfish cooperation in research

AGU Fellows

Richard Anthes
Eric Barron
Gordon Bonan
Guy Brasseur
Jack Calvert
Clara Deser
Robert Dickinson
Rolando Garcia
John Gille
Maura Hagan
David Hanson
William Holland
Thomas Holzer
James Hurrell

Paul Kellog
William Kellogg
Jeffrey Kiehl
James McWilliams
Jerry Mahlman
Gerald Meehl
Bette Otto-Bliesner
William Randel
Arthur Richmond
Brian Ridley
Raymond Roble
Michael Thompson
Kevin Trenberth
Warren Washington

AGU President

Tim Killeen, 2006-2008


Losey Atmospheric Sciences Award

John McCarthy - 1987

for development of new technology and innovative experiments that have led to a greatly improved understanding of low-level weather hazards and their impact on flight safety

Otto C. Winzen Lifetime Achievement Award

Vincent Lally - 2003

for outstanding contributions to the advancement of free-flight balloon systems and related technologies, particularly in the areas of design concepts, technical insight, and managerial leadership. News Release


Banner Miller Award

George Bryan, Richard Rotunno - 2010

for the paper "The maximum intensity of tropical cyclones in Axisymmetric Numerical Model Simulations"

Carl-Gustaf Rossby Research Medal

Joseph Klemp - 2011

for illuminating the dynamics of mountain waves and thunderstorms and for his contributions to improvements in numerical techniques and community models. News Release

David Atlas - 1996

for brilliant and sustained leadership in the field of radar meteorology, for important contributions to cloud physics and mesoscale meteorology, and for inspiring new generations of scientists in these fields

Chester Newton - 1995

for fundamental research contributions in the areas of the structure and dynamics of jet streams, fronts, cyclones, severe storms, and mesoconvective systems; and the behavior of the general circulation of the atmosphere

Douglas Lilly - 1986

for sustained contributions and skilled leadership in establishing the scientific foundations of small- and mesoscale meteorology including convection, gravity waves, and boundary layer turbulence

Cecil Leith - 1982

for his fundamental contributions to the theory of statistical hydrodynamics and its application to the assessment of weather and climate predictability

James Deardorff - 1978

for his imaginative research on the structure of the convective atmospheric boundary layer and its applications to prediction models and diffusion

Charles Anderson Award

Thomas Windham - 2006

for his vision and determination to promote diversity, especially among students in the field of atmospheric and related sciences through mentoring, research, and outreach

Margaret "Peggy" LeMone - 2004

for joyfully sharing her understanding of meteorology through publications and individual mentoring, and inspiring people of all ages with her journey as a woman of science. News Release

Warren Washington - 2000

for pioneering efforts as a mentor and passionate support of individuals, educational programs, and outreach initiatives designed to foster a diverse population of atmospheric scientists. News Release

Charles Franklin Brooks Award

Roger Wakimoto - 2013
for improving the society's processes through unselfish and highly effective service on numerous committees and as councilor and commissioner. News story

Joseph Klemp - 2011

for outstanding and sustained contributions to the advancement of AMS publication and educational goals. News Release

Warren Washington - 2006

for decades of service to the AMS and as a representative of the atmospheric sciences community at the highest level of policymakers

Chester Newton - 1983

for his wise leadership as President and his long record of devoted service to the American Meteorological Society as editor of its journals and member of its committees

Clarence Leroy Meisinger Award

George Bryan - 2011

for innovative research into the explicit modeling, theory, and observations of convective-scale motions

James Hurrell - 2001

for the analysis and diagnosis of observed climate variability and the role of anthropogenic climate change. News Release

Clara Deser - 1999

for insightful and dynamically informed analyses of climate variability on time scales ranging from days to decades. News Release

Chin-Hoh Moeng - 1997

for application of large-eddy simulation for increased understanding of turbulence and boundary layer clouds. News Release

Roger Wakimoto - 1992

for significant contributions to the understanding of mesoscale phenomena through insightful and detailed analysis of observations

Joseph Klemp - 1983

with Robert B. Wilhelmson for development of numerical models that have contributed significantly to the understanding of severe convective storms

Richard Anthes - 1980

for research and modeling in tropical cyclones and mesoscale meteorology

John Wyngaard - 1979

for his experimental and theoretical studies of turbulent processes in the boundary layer

Robert Dickinson - 1973

for prolific and imaginative work on a variety of problems concerning the dynamics of planetary and terrestrial atmospheres

Francis Bretherton - 1972

for his important contributions to the theory of atmospheric motion, including the propagation of wave energy in shearing flow, the role played by critical layers in baroclinic instability and internal gravity waves, and the formation of true frontal discontinuities

Philip Thompson - 1960

with Norman Phillips for theoretical and applied research in the field of numerical weather prediction

Cleveland Abbe Award

Brant Foote - 2011

for leadership of a major laboratory that has successfully implemented state-of-the-science methods for addressing problems that affect people’s lives. News Release

Richard "Rit" Carbone - 2001

for building consensus in the weather research community on problems of major national and international importance, and for fostering the conduct of collaborative and coordinated weather research. News Release

Francis Bretherton - 1994

for vigorous leadership in helping to define, communicate, and address the scientific priorities of atmospheric and ocean science

Vincent Lally - 1990

for outstanding leadership in the development of scientific ballooning and its application to meteorology

Roy Jenne - 1986

for outstanding service to the national and international atmospheric science community in providing innovative and comprehensive data management

David Atlas - 1983

for his outstanding leadership of scientific activities and contributions to national and international scientific affairs. He has provided wise and effective guidance coupled with a contagious enthusiasm that makes hard work seem easy.

Joachim Kuettner - 1982

for his extraordinary leadership and vision in planning and implementing complex international scientific programs; and in recognition of his outstanding lifetime record of achievements as productive scientist, intrepid experimenter, inspiring administrator, patient negotiator, and skillful diplomat, to the enduring benefit of human knowledge and welfare

Editor's Award

Craig Schwartz - 2015

Weather and Forecasting, for perceptive and constructive reviews of manuscripts on a broad range of topics

John Fasullo - 2015

Journal of Climate, for timely and thoughtful reviews of a large number of manuscripts

Wojciech Grabowski - 2012

Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, for frequent, timely, and in-depth reviews and re-reviews

Yuko Okumura - 2011

Journal of Climate, for consistently providing highly constructive reviews that helped the authors improve their papers

Tom Wigley - 2006

Journal of Climate, for his exceptionally constructive and insightful reviews that led to dramatic improvements in manuscripts

Andrew Gettelman - 2004

Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, for thoughtful, detailed, and constructive reviews of papers on convective mixing and stratosphere-troposphere exchange processes. News Release

Rod Frehlich - 2001

Journal of Applied Meteorology, for exceptional efforts as a scientific reviewer. News Release

Gerald "Jerry" Meehl - 2000

Journal of Climate, for consistently comprehensive, insightful, and constructive reviews on a range of climate issues. News Release

Clara Deser - 1996

Journal of Climate, for reviews that are thorough, concise, and crystal clear, and have a beauty and completeness akin to a fine piece of art

(multiple NCAR recipients) - 1994

Chin-Hoh Moeng
for meticulous reviews of papers on the boundary layers and turbulent fluxes for the Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences
William Large

for critical reviews which have decidedly helped the editors to maintain the standard of publication for the Journal of Physical Oceanography

Philip Rasch - 1993

for providing exceptionally meritorious reviews of manuscripts submitted to the Monthly Weather Review

(multiple NCAR recipients) - 1989

for providing exceptionally meritorious reviews of manuscripts
Margaret "Peggy" LeMone

Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences
Kevin Trenberth
 Journal of Climate
Andrew Weinheimer
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology

James Dye - 1987

for providing exceptionally meritorious reviews of manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology

Robert Dickinson - 1976

for unusually constructive and authoritative reviews of scientific contributions to the Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, which have led to substantial improvement in both the quality and the style of the journal

James Deardorff - 1972

for critical and conscientious review of manuscripts for the Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, resulting in considerable improvement in its scientific quality

Educom/EDUCAUSE Medal

David Fulker - 1998

for his leadership and Unidata's success in providing universities with access to atmospheric and related data for use in science instruction. News Release

Father James B. Macelwane Award

Wendy Schreiber-Abshire - 1986

for the paper "Case Studies of Two Thunderstorms Initiated by Boundary Layer Convergence"

Henry G. Houghton Award

Hugh Morrison - 2012

for wide-ranging contributions to improving the understanding and modeling of cloud microphysical processes

Natalie Mahowald - 2006

for her outstanding contributions to our understanding of the global distribution of the mineral aerosol and its thermodynamic and biogeochemical roles and for developing accurate atmospheric circulation and chemistry models

Honorary Members

Richard Anthes
David Atlas
Joost Businger
Sydney Chapman
Paul Crutzen

Joachim Kuettner
Douglas Lilly
Chester Newton
Warren Washington
Robert White

Joanne Simpson Mentorship Award

Margaret "Peggy" LeMone - 2013
for exceptional life-long mentoring of young colleagues including students of all ages, especially women and minorities, and its profound effect on our profession. News story

Jule G. Charney Award

Gerald "Jerry" Meehl, Warren Washington - 2009

for outstanding contributions to modeling climate and its response to human and natural changes

Richard Rotunno - 2004

for highly significant, scholarly contributions to understanding the dynamics that govern a wide spectrum of mesoscale phenomena and processes. News Release

Roland Madden - 2002

for pioneering investigations of atmospheric predictability, global waves, and the intraseasonal oscillation. News Release

Roger Daley - 2001

for highly significant research and development in data assimilation, modeling, and numerical weather prediction

Kevin Trenberth - 2000

for improving our understanding of the dynamics of the climate system through diagnostic analyses of its fundamental properties. News Release

Robert Dickinson - 1988

for outstanding contributions to our understanding of biofeedback processes

Richard Anthes - 1987

for sustained contributions in theoretical and modeling studies related to tropical and mesoscale meteorology

Francis Bretherton - 1983

for his innovative and significant contributions to our understanding of the dynamics of the atmosphere and oceans encompassing a wide variety of scales, processes, and phenomena

James Deardorff - 1974

(then known as the Second Half Century Award)
for many productive efforts toward furthering our understanding of turbulent processes in the planetary boundary layer through analytical studies and highly original numerical and laboratory experiments

Douglas Lilly - 1973

(then known as the Second Half Century Award)
for theoretical, experimental, and observational contributions to the study of small-scale atmospheric phenomena, including thermal convection, mountain waves, and turbulent interactions

Kenneth C. Spengler Award

William Mahoney - 2010

for exemplary leadership in fostering economic growth of the weather and climate enterprise

Louis J. Battan Award

COMET Program - 2004

for the development of Hurricane Strike! , an immersive, highly interactive and entertaining educational resource for teaching hurricane science and safety with creative use of multimedia and exceptional meteorological quality

John Firor - 1992

for his popular book, The Changing Atmosphere, which clearly explains the complex relations between anthropogenic atmospheric effects and societal issues

Stephen Schneider - 1990

for Global Warming, a book on the atmospheric sciences that fosters public understanding of meteorology

Max A. Eaton Prize

Peter Bannon - 1979

for the paper "Extra-tropical Forcing of the East African Jet"

Special Award

Karyn Sawyer - 2013
for invaluable and exemplary support and organization of numerous atmospheric and oceanic field expeditions over more than three decades. News story

HIAPER Project Team - 2007

for exemplary management of the acquisition and modification of a mid-size jet (High-Performance Instrumented Airborne Platform for Environmental Research) to make transformative atmospheric measurements

Elizabeth Page - 2006

for extensive and exceptional work over the years on the development, writing, implementation, and execution of the new standards for broadcasters though the AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Program

AMS Fellows

Jeffrey Anderson
Richard Anthes
Eric Barron
Maurice Blackmon
Grant Branstator
Barbara Brown
Richard Carbone
Fei Chen
Harold Cole
Chris Davis
Clara Deser
James Dye
John Firor
Brant Foote
David Fulker
Robert Gall
Peter Gent
John Gille
Vanda Grubisic
Maura Hagan
Gregory Holland
William Holland
James Hurrell
Roy Jenne
Akira Kasahara
Richard Katz
Jeffrey Keeler
William Kellogg
Jeffrey Kiehl
Timothy Killeen
Joseph Klemp
Charles Knight
William Ying-Hwa Kuo
Vincent Lally
Margaret LeMone
Donald Lenschow
Roland Madden

Jerry Mahlman
William Mahoney
Linda Mearns
Gerald Meehl
Philip Merilees
Chin-Hoh Moeng
Mitchell Moncrieff
Jim Moore
Chester Newton
Bette Otto-Bliesner
David Parsons
Marcia Politovich
Mohan Ramamurthy
V. Ramaswamy
William Randel
Roy Rasmussen
Rita Roberts
Walter Orr Roberts
Garcia Rolando
Richard Rotunno
Melvin Shapiro
Wendy Schreiber-Abshire
Robert Serafin
Chris Snyder
Timothy Spangler
Matthias Steiner
Philip Thompson
Kevin Trenberth
Joseph Tribbia
Jothiran Vivekanandan
Richard Wagoner
Roger Wakimoto
Warren Washington
Morris Weisman
Tom Wigley
David Williamson
James Wilson

AMS President

Margaret LeMone - 2010
Richard Anthes - 2007
Robert Serafin - 2001
Warren Washington - 1994
William Bonner -1991
Clifford Murino - 1985

Robert White - 1980
Chester Newton - 1979
David Atlas - 1975
William Kellogg - 1973
Phillip Thompson - 1964


APS Members

Warren Washington - 2003

for achievement in science. News Release


APS Fellows

Jackson Herring
Annick Pouquet


Frank Wilcoxon Prize

Michael Wiltberger - 2014

for best practical application paper, "Fast Sequential Computer Model Calibration of Large Nonstationary Spatial-Temporal Processes," appearing the the 2013 issues of Technometrics

Stephan Sain- 2014
for best practical application paper, "Fast Sequential Computer Model Calibration of Large Nonstationary Spatial-Temporal Processes," appearing the the 2013 issues of Technometrics


Quentin Martin Best Practice-Oriented Paper Award

David Yates - 2010

with David Purkey, Jack Sieber, Annette Huber-Lee, Hector Galbraith, Jordan West, Susan Herrod-Julius, Chuck Young, Brian Joyce, and Mohammad Raye for "Climate-Driven Water Resources Model of the Scramento Basin, California"

Editor's Award

Erin Towler- 2012
outstanding reviewer, Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management

AMERICAN STatistical association

Distinguished Achievement Award of the Statistics in the Environment Section

Douglas Nychka- 2013

for outstanding contributions to the development of methods, issues, concepts, applications, and the initiatives of environmental statistics


Goldman Sachs Foundation Prize for Excellence in International Education

GLOBE Program - 2004

for being a leading model of how American students can work with students in other parts of the world through the process of scientific inquiry

Association of american geographers


Climate Specialty Group - Lifetime Achievement Award

Linda Mearns - 2015

for substantial contributions to climatology and geography

Distinguished Scholarship Award

Linda Mearns - 2016

for pioneering and agenda-setting contributions to the field of climate change assessment science

Honorary Geographer Award

Warren Washington - 2014

for contributions as a pioneer in the development of coupled climate models and as a leading scientist in the area of climate variability and change...for leadership as an advocate for science in general, particularly service as chair of the National Science Board...for many contributions as a role model and mentor for young scientists, including members of the geographic community, and for commitment to advancing diversity


Johann Wempe Award

Matthias Rempel - 2009

for the first realistic magneto-hydrodynamic 3D simulation of sunspots


AMOS Fellows

Greg Holland - 2004


ASciNA Science Award

Thomas Karl - 2011

for the paper "Efficient Atmospheric Cleansing of Oxidized Organic Trace Gases by Vegetation"


Excellence in Learning Awards - Interactivity

COMET Program - 2004

for Polar Lows—Ungava Bay, Northern Canada, December 2000


Tertia M.C. Hughes Memorial Prize

Julie Thériault - 2010

for research resulting in significant advances in our ability to account for and better understand the formation of hazardous winter precipitation


Service Award

Barbara Emery - 2010

for outstanding service to the Coupling, Energetics and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions community over nearly 25 years

Chinese Geoscience Union

Most Cited Article Award

Yuheng Tseng - 2014

for the most cited article in the Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences


Latina Leader Award

Patricia Romero Lankao - 2007

for her accomplishments in the area of science and her impact on the Latino community


Gigaflop Performance Award

Robert Chervin - 1989

for achievements in meeting climate modeling challenges by restructuring and converting atmospheric and ocean general circulation models for parallel execution at a sustained speed of 1.125 gigaflops

CRoAtian Society of Natural Resources

Spiridon Brusina Medal

Vanda Grubišić - 2015

for promotion, through her research on the subject of atmospheric rotors, of early observations of rotors by A. Mohorovičić and for her work with Ph.D. students of meteorology in Croatia


Green Data Center of the Year

Aaron Andersen, Gary New, Krista Laursen - 2013

with H+L Architecture and the RMH Group, for seeing the pressures of power costs, regulation, community, and environmental responsibility as an opportunity and demonstrating a vision of sustainability as a critical driver in the design and operation of their data facility. News Release


Top 100 Papers

Greg Holland - 2005

for Webster, P.J., G.J. Holland, J.A. Curry, and H-R. Chang, 2005: Changes in tropical cyclone number, duration and intensity in a warming environment. Science, 309, 1844-1846

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Ecological Society of America

Gene Likens Award

Will Wieder - 2014

as an early career scientist for being the first author of a notable paper in the biogeosciences that was published between January 2013 and May 2014

Elsevier Publications

Editor's Award

Wanli Wu - 2015

Outstanding reviewer, Atmospheric Research


Vilhelm Bjerknes Medal

David Williamson - 2005

as a pioneer and leading expert in the field of atmospheric general circulation modeling for weather and climate and in recognition of his leadership role in global modeling community activities


Officer's Cross of the Order of Merit

Joachim Kuettner - 2010

for his outstanding academic and scientific achievements


Fulbright Scholars

Philip Rasch - 1989

for improvements in the methods used to transport water vapor in global climate models


Alfred Wegener Medal

Joachim Kuettner - 1986

for achievements in the science of meteorology, especially for the exploration of atmospheric flow over mountains by means of instrumented sailplanes. Also, for pioneering the theory of continental drift and enriching our knowledge of the global circulation of the atmosphere.


Grace Hopper Government Technology Leadership Award

The ADD development team in NCAR's Research Applications Program - 2000

for participation in the FAA-sponsored program to create the Aviation Digital Data Service.  Team members: Frank Hage, Shirley Knight, Padhrig McCarthy, and Gregory ThompsonNews Release

The WSDDM development team in NCAR's Research Applications Program - 1999

for participation in the FAA-sponsored program to create the Weather Support to Deicing Decision Making system. Team members: Jeffrey Cole, Michael Dixon, Scott Landolt, Roy Rasmussen, and Charles Wade


Heinz Award for the Environment

Joan Kleypas - 2011

for her groundbreaking research into the role humans play in tropic coral reef ecosystems

Ice-Binding Protein Conference

Lifetime Achievement Award

Charles Knight - 2014

for his contributions to the understanding of how antifreeze proteins interact with their ligand – ice

INstitute of Mathematical Statistics

Fellows of the IMS

Doug Nychka - 2015
for his outstanding theoretical contributions to nonparametric regression and the statistical analysis of dynamical systems; for development of widely used statistical software; for leadership in statistical climatology research and advocacy for statistics

INTERNATIONAL Association for Ecology and Health

Exceptional Early Career Contribution to the Field of EcoHealth

Micah Hahn - 2014
for service on IAEH committees and former service as student representative to the board


IMSC Achievement Award

Richard Katz - 2010

for his applications of statistics to quantifying variability and extremes in climate and his promotion of collaboration between atmospheric and statistical scientists

Roland Madden - 2001

for outstanding contributions to the application of statistics in atmospheric and climate science


Scientific Achievement: Outstanding Research Article in Biosurveillance

Alicia Karspeck - 2013
for Jeffrey Shaman and Alicia Karspeck, "Forecasting seasonal outbreaks of influenza," PNAS 2012


Medal of National Merit

(multiple NCAR recipients) - 1973

William Curtis for his work with the solar eclipse effort in Mauritania
Nelder Medrud
for his work as the field support manager in Chinguetti, Mauritania


MacArthur Fellows

Stephen Schneider - 1992


Otto Hahn Medal

Matthias Rempel - 2003


Fellow of the Meteorological Society of China (Taiwan)

William Kuo - 2013
In recognition of sustained and substantial contributions on a number of collaborative projects since 1985 that have produced a profound influence on the meteorological community in Taiwan.


Vernier Medal

Warren Washington - 1995


Honorary Member

Akira Kasahara

for distinguished service to the Society


Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal

Robert Harriss - 1985
Robert MacQueen - 1974

for his work with the Skylab satellite effort

Software of the Year

Rick Brownrigg - 2009

with Patrick Hogan, Pat Moran, Tom Gaskins, Paul Collins, Lado Garakanidze, Randolph Kim, Patrick Murris, Jay Parsons, and Chris Maxwell for NASA World Wind Java Software Development Kit and Web Mapping Services Server

H.J.E. Reid Award

Jeffrey Kiehl - 2003

for the outstanding publication "Evidence for Large Decadal Variability in the Tropical Mean Radiative Energy Budget"

Outstanding Leadership Medal

Robert Harriss - 1997

Public Service Medal

Alfred Shipley - 1985

for outstanding managerial competence, leadership, and technical initiatives that have been essential to the development and advancement of scientific ballooning

Silver Achievement Medal

James Dye - 2014

to members of the Lightning Advisory Panel for researching and writing Launch Commit Criteria that ensure the safety, success, and launch opportunity of NASA, Department of Defense, and commercial missions.

Turning Goals into Reality Award

Larry Cornman, Robert Sharman - 2003

for designing a warning system to help pilots navigate storms without encountering air turbulence. News Release


Member of the Academy

Tim Killeen
Warren Washington
Margaret LeMone
Robert Serafin


Guido Beck Award

Pablo Mininni - 2009


Arctowski Medal

Arthur Hundhausen - 1999

for his exceptional research in solar and solar-wind physics, particularly in the area of coronal and solar-wind disturbance. News Release

Raymond Roble - 1996

for his indispensable contributions to understanding the effects of variable solar inputs on the earth's atmosphere and ionosphere by powerful global modeling techniques. News Release

Jack Eddy - 1987

for studies of solar activity changes of short and long duration and their effects on the ionosphere and terrestrial atmosphere

George and Cynthia Mitchell International Prize for Sustainable Development

Michael Glantz - 1991

for the paper "The Use of Analogies in Assessing Physical and Societal Responses to Global Warming"

Member of the Academy

James McWilliams - 2002

for his study of the fluid dynamics of Earth's oceans and atmosphere

Robert Dickinson - 1988

for exceptional research in solar and solar-wind physics, particularly in the area of coronal and solar-wind disturbances

Dimitri Mihalas - 1981

U.S. Environment and Resources Council Award

Michael Glantz - 1975

for the paper "Nine Fallacies of a Natural Disaster"


Emmy Award

Jack Eddy - 1970

for his appearance as a scientific consultant on NBC television's live coverage from Mexico of the 1970 solar eclipse

National Organization of black chemists
and chemical engineers

Percy L. Julian Medal

Warren Washington - 2013

for an individual who has distinguished her/himself as a scientist or engineer and has demonstrated fervent support for the mission of NOBCChE


NSB Chair

Warren Washington - 2002


Superior Accomplishment Award

Richard Dirks - 1987

for superior performance as director of GALE, an interagency field program to study the conditions that cause severe winter storms in the western Atlantic Ocean


NOAA David Johnson Award - 2011

Lidia Cucurull-Ector - 2011

For innovative contributions to weather prediction through developing and implementing a methodology to assimilate satellite-based Global Positioning System-Radio Occultation observations into the National Weather Service’s operational global weather prediction model and demonstrating how these data improve the skill and extend the range of weather forecasts


Modernization Award

Warren Washington - 1999


OAR Outstanding Scientific Paper Award

Hugh Morrison - 2011

with A. Solomon, P.O.G. Persson, M.D. Shule, and J.W. Bao for "Investigation of Microphysical Parameterizations of Snow and Ice in Arctic Clouds during M-PACE through Model-Observation Comparisons"


Nobel Peace Prize

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change- 2007

The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with former Vice President Al Gore. Scores of scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research contributed to the IPCC effort, serving as authors or reviewers for the four assessment reports issued since 1990, and several NCAR scientists played leadership roles. UCAR staff provided considerable administrative and technical support to these efforts. 
News Release  |  NCAR scientists serving on IPCC since 1990



Thomas Holzer - 1995


High Performance RF Design Challenge Grand Prize Winner

Brad Lindseth - 2011

for his 2-kW amplifier for a portable 449-MHz spaced antenna wind profiler radar. News Release


Friendship Award

Richard Anthes - 2003

for outstanding contributions by a foreign expert to the development of Chinese society, economy, technology, science, and education, particularly the active promotion of Sino-American cooperation in the field of atmospheric sciences and technology. News Release


National Medal of Science

Warren Washington - 2010

for his fundamental contributions to the understanding of Earth's coupled climate system through numerical simulation, leadership in U.S. science policy, and inspiring mentorship of young people of all backgrounds and origins. News Release

Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring

SOARS Program - 2001

for promoting participation among women, minorities, and persons with disabilities in scientific and engineering careers. The award was accepted by Thomas Windham, founding director. News Release


International Prize for Water

Aiguo Dai, Kevin Trenberth - 2013

for work to estimate the effects of climate change on the global hydrological cycle and clear explanation of the global water budget. News Story

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Polar Medal

Geoffrey King - 1969

for research in ionospheric magnetism and auroras in Antarctica


Titular Professor of Physical Sciences

Wojciech Grabowski - 2014

the highest academic and scientific distinction in Poland, for overall contribution to the scientific field


Buchan Prize

Mitchell Montcrieff - 1982

Gaskell Memorial Medal

John Latham - 1994

Hugh Robert Mill Award

Jim Wilson - 2010

for original research into the distribution or variation of rainfall or its application to meteorology or a related science

RMetS Fellow

Wojciech Grabowski - 2010
James Hurrell - 1999

Editor's Award

George Bryan - 2015

Atmospheric Science Letters, for increasing the journal's impact on the atmospheric science community and expertise in the area of severe storms, tropical cyclones and their numerical modeling 


Honorary Fellows

Kevin Trenberth - 2000


Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge

COMET Program - 2005

in the noninteractive multimedia category for "Rip Currents: Nearshore Fundamentals", an online, animated guide to the science of rip currents.  News Release


The Scientific American 50 Award

Larry Cornman, Robert Sharman - 2003

for outstanding acts of leadership in aerospace technology in discovering an algorithm that allows aircraft radar to better detect turbulence. News Release


Distinguished Technical Communication Award, International

Lizzardbrand, Carlye Calvin - 2003

for UCAR Highlights 2002

Nita Razo, Robert Henson, Zhenya Gallon - 2001

for UCAR at 40

Visual Science, Nita Razo, Robert Henson - 1999

for UCAR Highlights 1998/1999

Lucy Warner - 1990

for the 1989 NCAR Annual Report, for its accessible and interesting style, quality of color photography, and careful editing

Excellence Award, International

David Hosansky - 2004

for Picturing Climate's Complexity: Community Climate System Model


George W. Goddard Award

John Gille - 2008

for outstanding research and significant accomplishments in building instruments and interpretation of results in the monitoring of the atmosphere, in particular on the High Resolution Dynamics Limb Sounder (HIRDLS)


Springer Thesis

Asuka Suzuki-Parker - 2011

for her thesis An Assessment of Uncertainties and Limitations in Simulating Tropical Cyclone Climatotogy and Future Changes

Thomson Reuters

Highly Cited Researchers 2014

for papers ranking in the top 1% by citations for field and year, as indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection during the 11-year period 2002-2012

Gordon Bonan
Aiguo Dai
Louisa Emmons
Frank Flocke
Andrew Gettelman
Marika Holland
Jeffrey Kiehl

Jean-François Lamarque
David Lawrence
Gerald Meehl
Keith Oleson
Bette Otto-Bliesner
Kevin Trenberth
Christine Wiedinmyer

U. S. Geological Survey

Shoemaker Award for Communication Excellence

Joanie Kleypas - 2013

for the development of the CO2 App and Software


Global 500 Roll of Honour

Michael Glantz - 1990

for pioneering climate impact studies, making special note of his work on El Niño and Peruvian fisheries in the mid-1970s and his more recent analysis of drought in Africa

Leadership Award

Walter Orr Roberts - 1989

for distinguished leadership, dedication, and support of the cause of the environment and for placing so generously his wisdom and talents in the service of the earth


Green Enterprise IT Award - Facility Design Implementation

Krista Laursen, Gary New, Aaron Andersen - 2013

with H+L Architecture and the RMH Group, for the design and building of the NCAR Wyoming Supercomputing Center, in recognition of pioneering advancements that significantly improve energy productivity and resource use in information technology. News Release


Thunderbird Award

Daniel Breed - 2014

for fundamental and continuing contributions to the science of weather modification

Vincent Scheaffer Award

Roelof Bruintjes - 2013

for scientific and technological discoveries that have constituted a major contribution to the advancement of weather modification

Weather Modification Field Meteorologist Distinguished Service Award

Duncan Axisa - 2010

for outstanding services in the conduct of weather modification operations and research

WMA President

Duncan Axisa - 2008


World Hunger Media Award

Michael Glantz - 1987

for the article "Drought in Africa," Scientific American, June 1987 


World Climate Research Programme/World Weather Research Programme International Prize for Model Development

Peter Lauritzen - 2014

inaugural award for an early- to mid-career scientist in recognition of the essential role model development plays in weather and climate science

Norbert Gerbier-MUMM International Award

Tom Wigley - 1998