Vanda Grubišić
Vanda Grubišić elected to Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts for contribution to atmospheric science
A visualization of surface winds on CESM1
CESM2 will allow exploration of an impressive breadth of scientific questions.
Snow-covered Antarctic landscape
Scientists set out to understand how much snow is feeding the Antarctic ice sheets and whether it is enough to offset the ice lost to the ocean.
GOLD logo
A nationwide group of pilot projects is using innovative approaches to make the geosciences more inclusive and diverse.
weather in the cloud: NEXRAD data visualization
Meteorologists and other users accessed more than twice as much U.S. weather radar data after NOAA partnered with Amazon and UCAR to make the data available in the cloud.
An infographic of the atmosphere
Scientists, in a major computer modeling achievement, simulate the influence of CO2 through Earth's entire atmosphere
NOAA precipitation forecast for 2017-18 winter
George Washington lacked a modern seasonal forecast when his army faced unprecedented cold in the winter of 1779-80.
HAO eclipse gallery: side-by-side pre- and post-processed images, 1901 eclipse
Scientists are eager to capture images of this year's eclipse — but that's nothing new. Researchers have been poring over images of total solar eclipses practically since there were images available to pore over.

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