Climate and food security report wins award - photo: farmer plows his land
The international report detailed potential climate impacts on global food security.
Congressional briefing on water: inundation map
Experts discuss more detailed forecasts of floods, streamflow, and potential drought conditions,
The snow accumulation forecast made by two ensemble members for a January storm
NCAR's ensemble forecasting system has become a favorite among professional weather forecasters and atmospheric researchers.
climate modeling 101: four maps show increases in climate model grid resolution
A new open-access book demystifies climate modeling without using a single equation.
Atmospheric Rivers: ocean map shows Pineapple Express pattern
A high-resolution climate model based at NCAR is able to accurately capture the ribbons of moist air that sometimes escape the sodden tropics and flow toward the drier mid-latitudes, allowing scientists to investigate how "atmospheric rivers" may change as the climate warms.
Sulfates could limit global warming - image illustrates volcano plume
If society doesn't make steep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions in the next few decades, how much injection into the atmosphere of planet-cooling sulfates would it take to limit warming to 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels?
North American temperature trends for 30 members of the CESM Large Ensemble
The CESM Large Ensemble reveals a staggering of Earth climates that could have been along with a rich look at future climates that could potentially be.
Climate change is lengthening days: Photo of a sunset
Melting ice sheets and glaciers are slightly slowing Earth's rotation.

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