UCAR Style Guide

back matter—what comes at the end of a book. Correct order is

bibliography or reference list
acknowledgments (if not in front matter)

back lit—open (the clouds were back lit by the Sun) unless preceding a noun (a back-lit photograph). [10-02]

balloon-borne—takes a hyphen

band pass (n), band-pass (adj.)


beam width—two words

Beijing—Use instead of Peking (also other Pinyin transliterations if you can find them).

Bénard—Always include the accent.

black-and-white photograph—Use hyphens.

Board of Trustees (UCAR)—Capitalize when full name is given (but: the board, the trustees).

boilerplate—See "Equal Opportunity Employer," "sponsorship statement."

Bombay—Use this city's official name, which was changed to Mumbai in 1995. Add "India" when appropriate for clarity. Institutions that have kept Bombay in their name should follow that institution's style.

-borne—Compounds ending with "borne" should be spelled according to the dictionary; if they're not in it, they're generally hyphenated: balloon-borne, rocket-borne.

boundary layer (n), boundary-layer (adj.)

British institutions—Use British spelling. See also Foreign Institutions.

broad-band (adj.)

broadcast announcements—See "public service announcements (PSAs)".

broad-scale (adj.)

B-roll—(capital B, lower-case r) video or film background material. [2/00]