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NCAR Laboratories

CISL Computational & Information Systems Laboratory  
IMAGe Institute for Mathematics Applied to Geosciences  
NWSC NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center  
OSD Operations & Services Division  
TDD Technology Development Division  

EOL Earth Observing Laboratory  
CDS Computing, Data & Software Facility  
DFS Design & Fabrication Services  
FPS Field Project Services  
ISF In-Situ Sensing Facility   
RAF Research Aviation Facility   
RSF Remote Sensing Facility  

HAO High Altitude Observatory  
AIM Atmosphere, Ionosphere & Magnetosphere Section  
LSV Long-term Solar Variability Section  
STSW Solar Transients & Space Weather Section  

NESL NCAR Earth System Laboratory  
ACD Atmospheric Chemistry Division  
CGD Climate & Global Dynamics Division  
MMM Mesoscale & Microscale Meteorology Division  

RAL Research Applications Laboratory  
AAP Aviation Applications Program  
CSAP Climate Science and Applications Program  
HAP Hydrometeorological Applications Program  
JNT Joint Numerical Testbed  
NSAP National Security Applications Program  
WSAP Weather Systems & Assessment Program  


NCAR Programs & Library

ASP Advanced Study Program  
ISP Integrated Science Program  
Lib NCAR Library  
  NCAR & UCAR Archives  


NCAR Director's Office

NCAR Dir NCAR Director's Office  
B&P Budget & Planning Office  


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UCAR Community Programs

COSMIC  Constellation Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere & Climate 
DLS Digital Learning Sciences
GLOBE Global Learning & Observations to Benefit the Environment
JOSS Joint Office for Science Support
UCAR SciEd UCAR Center for Science Education
       SOARS Program | UCARConnect
Unidata Unidata Program Center 
VSP Visiting Scientist Programs

UCP Director's Office

UCP Dir UCP Directorate
UCP Budget
UCP Budget & Administration Office

UCAR President's Office

Pres President's Office
Comms Communications Office
       Media Office | Public Affairs
Dev Development & Partnerships
GovRel Government Relations
Members  Membership & Governance
OGC Office of General Counsel
UnivRel University Relations

F&A Finance & Administration
B&F Budget & Finance
Contracts Contracts
FMS Facilities Management & Sustainability
HR Human Resources
IT Information Technology
SaSS Safety & Site Services
Treas Treasury Office

UCAR Foundation

UCARF UCAR Foundation - Technology Commercialization